Always ten steps ahead, Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Stakenas infuses Selectica’s contract management and configuration solutions with unlimited creativity and progressive thinking. With a keen eye for emerging trends in enterprise and cloud software, we were eager to sit down with Patrick to discuss Selectica’s partnership with DocuSign. In this Q&A, we uncovered key insights into how Digital Transaction Management enables Selectica’s customers.

How does DocuSign DTM suite (eSignature) integrate into Selectica’s CLM services?

Selectica CLM integrates with DocuSign — bringing a complete suite of eSignature capability in one out-of-the-box solution. With Selectica Integration for DocuSign, CLM users gain one-click access to all of the DocuSign features and capabilities.

Prior to the integration to DocuSign, how did customers manage workflows?

Not very easy or effective — this was accomplished with manual signatures via snail mail, faxes, scanning, emailing, uploading etc.

Can customers easily use DocuSign from Microsoft Office?

The DocuSign integration is within the CLM application. However, both DocuSign and Selectica have strong Microsoft Office integration making it easy to sign documents.

Is there a specific instance where the DTM functionality increased ROI for a customer?

We are in the process of creating new case studies that illustrate our customers’ use of the DocuSign DTM/Selectica functionality. The functionality is a must-have in order to shorten the contract approval process since approvers are often on the road. Having a shorter/easier contract approval process equates to time savings on employee expense, as well as shorter sales cycles.

Regarding compliance management, could you talk about a use case where DTM made the process easier?

Contracts that are not digital get caught in slow, manual review and approval processes. For example, mobile professionals have to wait until they are in the office or have access to a laptop/printer to review, print and manually sign a document. DTM/eSignature enables anytime, anywhere access, decision-making changes, and approvals.

Is there a mobile integration with DocuSign’s DTM functionality within Selectica’s services?

Yes, all DocuSign features are available on mobile devices and as an extension available to CLM customers and their counterparties.

What is the key benefit to offering a DTM functionality to Selectica’s customers?

The integration of DTM and Selectica offer improved options for time savings, visibility, and convenience for those involved in a contract process. Customers achieve this through an automated/digital signature process, mobile eSignature options, and accessibility of the history of contract signatures throughout the process.

How does Selectica’s integration with DocuSign benefit Selectica’s customers?

The integration makes it easier and more effective for contract managers and stakeholders to move through and optimize 9 stages of contracts as highlighted in this illustration:

Are Selectica’s customers able to access additional DocuSign features?

With Selectica Integration for DocuSign, CLM users gain one-click access to all of the DocuSign features and capabilities, today and in the future.

What is Selectica’s core customer base?

We serve Corporate Counsel, Procurement, IT, Sales, HR, and Financial leaders and practitioners in mid to larger enterprises worldwide. Some joint customers of ours include:

  • Chemonics
  • CoinStar

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