Having previously been a sales representative in the staffing industry, I was inundated with sales and HR paperwork that required signatures. Often times, the laborious nature of this paperwork and need for a timely turnaround resulted in increased risk for my company and a major headache for me.

Enter Digital Business! The concept of using a service to electronically fill out and sign paperwork sounded brilliant. So I refreshed my career with a position that lived and breathed digital business. I understood the paper’s pain but I didn’t know just was how transformative digital and cloud-based workflows would be for me on a daily basis.

What’s even more visceral is that the signature is so much more than ink on a piece of paper. It’s a sign of individuality, a mark of intent, a symbol of agreement. To me, this provides more meaning to the disruptive nature of our technology. Furthermore, I feel the need to share what I’ve experienced with my prospects and customers.

Simply put: I will never go back to pen and paper. Will electronic signatures and digital business continue to evolve over time? Guaranteed. Will there be a time when you sign with your fingerprint or a retinal scan? Probably. Will another disruptive innovation change the entire concept of a signature again? Possibly.

We have seen other types of technology transform the way we interact and do business (i.e., computers, email, cell phones). But how will we do business in the future?

First, everything will be digital. Paper will only exist in businesses on the rarest level. End-to-end business processes will be fully digital with minimal administrative work to be done.

Second, businesses will rely heavily on predictive technologies. With the large growing segment of big data analytics, technologies will become more sophisticated, and this will occur at an exponential rate, not linear.

Third, businesses will be highly mobile. Technologies will either be fully mobile or have an option for a mobile experience. We already send emails and close deals from our phones and tablets. Eventually we will give presentations, provide training sessions, and conduct all meetings from these types of devices as well.

Business technologies are on our side. With the digital transition of traditional processes, habits and workflows, we’re individually encouraging further disruption that favors results and seamless growth.     

So, what are you waiting for? Join the disruption by embracing disruptive (digital) technologies.

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