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Paper: A Global Pain in the Fax! 5 Ways to Kick Paper into the Can For Good

“…In an ideal world…”

When describing business processes and workflow, this phrase crops up all the time. We fantasize about gliding through the steps with ease instead of hitting a snag at every corner.

And what holds us up more than anything? Can anyone guess the clunky culprit?

Raise your hands if you voted paper.

Anyone who’s dedicated serious time to printing, scanning, faxing, and sorting through endless stacks of contracts or any paper-based project understands the brutal pain of working the ol’ fashioned way.

But folks, it’s called ol’ fashioned for a reason. No one wants to print -> sign -> scan -> fax/upload any documents. One piece of paper is bad enough. If you're a REALTOR®, that number pushes 50 per transaction. And fingers crossed there aren’t any typos, because even little errors can be a mighty pain in the ‘fax!’

If you’ve cycled through this spiky workflow, you’re probably ready to iron out the kinks and streamline the ‘flows.

Don’t put it off any longer. After all, today is World Paper Free Day so here’s how to kick paper into the can for good!


Don’t feel overwhelmed about the digital transition. It’s all about scale and team support.

  • Pick the thorniest area where paper needs to be KO’d. Whether it’s your HR or Operations team, there is bound to be one group that would benefit the most from a fully digital set up.
  • Make a firm commitment to investigate digital and cloud-based tools that provide the best solutions for your needs.

Peer2Peer Advice

You’re not alone. As the globe gears up for an era of truly digital business, you’re surrounded by throngs of digital experts who use the ‘net to voice what works and what needs tinkering.

Whether you’re wondering how to keep your Insurance business fully compliant via digital tools or how to become a mobile business, you’re never short of resources.

App Yourself

There’s an app for anything and everything and most definitely for keeping business moving as fast as your life demands. Why stress if you’re OOO or travelling across the pond?

Creativity and productivity keep their own hours, and with mobile apps of every flavor, an inspired burst never has to go to waste …”

Check out this curated list of tried-and-true apps that are bound to be the most tapped on your mobile device.

Join the (Cloud) Community

The one unsung upside to digital business: the digital community. The instantaneous nature of tweets and community forums foster deep support and encouragement for everyone ready to enhance their digital business practices. 

Check out some advice from a few digital mavens:

Jeremy Lehman (REALTOR® /CTO at The Boutique Real Estate Group):

I use my iPad to show listings instead of printing the MLS sheets as well as zipForms to create and sign documents. Dropbox is also vital to save and access documents on the go.


Jessie Black (Mortgage Credit Analysis at International Bank of Commerce):

I keep business digital through Electronic Document Storage systems, sending and receiving electronic notices through e-mail, and sending items electronically between departments.


Lewis Bishop (REALTOR® and Partner at The Team Realty):

#1 Change all billing accounts to electronic billing

#2 Use "FileThis.com" to file all invoices to Evernote

#3 Use phone to snap pictures and file in Evernote instead of taking a paper copy.

Pay It Forward

After all is said and done, the most impactful way to kick paper into the can for good is by sharing the digital love.

Be a Digital Evangelist and spread the sanity-enhancing benefits of swapping paper out in favor of digital. No one wants to spend precious time re-signing lost documents or chasing paper trials. That’s a waste.

Today is World Paper Free Day: Let’s get out there and help our communities go digital and enjoy an ‘ideal’ business world.

Learn more about how digital solutions can impact your industry here: https://www.docusign.com/solutions

Take a quick DocuDemo here: https://www.docusign.com/demo


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