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Are You Adding (Digital) Value to Your Legal Practice?

Gavin Kogan caters to the people. With a thriving practice where he advocates for Cannabis law, Gavin and his fellow legal practitioners at L+G, LLP evangelize digital tools as the key in providing exemplary client…
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How to Disrupt the Legal Industry

An Interview with Daniel Harris, Attorney at HarrisMoure What does digital 'Disruption' mean to the legal industry? It means gaining efficiencies that enable a law firm to provide better service to its clients in less…
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The Case for DTM in the Legal Profession: UpShot Services Cut Operational Costs by 95%

An Interview with Robert Klamser, Co-Founder and President at UpShot Services, LLC.  In 2010, DocuSign’s Chief Legal Counsel Ken Moyle rallied support to gain congressional recognition of the Electronic Signatures in Global National Commerce (ESIGN) Act that was…
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Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Electronic Documents Legal and Secure

Most of us can probably agree that legality and security are incredibly complex topics. To help everyone grasp a better understanding of how both apply to electronic documents, DocuSign presented a partner webinar last week…
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DeveloperWeek 2018 Hackathon Recap

DeveloperWeek 2018 Hackathon Recap At DocuSign we continually build and grow our developer community. We do this in a variety of ways, but participating in conferences, events, and hackathons is the most important. We were…
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Test Your Data Privacy Smarts on Data Privacy Day

By Reggie Davis, General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer  January 28th is Data Privacy Day, an international effort to create awareness of the importance of respecting data privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. The celebration commemorates…
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The digital mortgage is here. What does that mean for you?

An industry steeped in structure and security is on the brink of transformational change. The factors needed to make a true digital mortgage (from application to close) a reality are accessible and organizations buzz about…
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