Your growing business wants to sell its product or service — but, just how easy is it for customers to buy? The answer might surprise you.

In a recent survey of 500 small and medium-sized business owners, more than half told us contract revisions can take five days, and in some cases two weeks. That’s long enough for many prospects to change their minds and sneak out of the pipeline altogether!

Some companies try quick-fix tactics like simplifying contracts, combining proposals with other paperwork, and frequent follow-ups. But the long-term solution is a simple but profound change: Moving to digital documents.

Once they went digital, our surveyed businesses enjoyed better cash flow, closed more deals faster, and achieved a higher level of customer service. All in all, the smart money is on going digital—in fact, growing companies were 40 percent more likely to invest in technology than no-growth businesses.

You’ll see exactly how the transition worked in a new report, Streamlined Closing is Good for Business. As a bonus, we’ve included plenty of non-technological learnings as well, with five key questions to take a no-holds-barred inventory of just how well-positioned your company is to close. Download your copy now.