Forrester Consulting has just released the first-ever Digital Transaction Management DTM) study that quantifies the value of the new category of cloud services for the enterprise from the perspective of Line of Business and IT decision makers. Digital Transforms the Game of Business shows how DTM is emerging as a key enabler of operational excellence, with digital signatures as a key part of the overall solution.

The importance of digital signatures in the DTM world is underscored by the fact that more than 80% of respondents to the survey said that their top concern when selecting a DTM solution is security, followed by compliance and privacy, all three of which are enhanced by the use of digital signatures.

As the DTM concept indicates, a transaction that exists only in digital form—never printed to paper—is superior in every way. Using a DTM solution not only drives down costs, but also ensure that processes are performed much more quickly, securely and accurately than ever before, so that everybody—organizations, stakeholders, employees and customers alike—can enjoy a best in class, 100% digital experience.

As validated and quantified in the report, there is indeed a compelling case for implementing a DTM solution across the enterprise. The survey highlights:

  • 83% of IT and LOB decision makers recognize that a DTM experience is important to the success of their enterprise.
  • 83% of decision makers noted a clear or pressing need for a DTM solution that is either not addressed or only partially addressed by their existing solutions.
  • 80% of companies reported revenue impact from poor transaction management with 37% of companies estimating revenue loss to be 11% to 25%.

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