Next week, on the last day of June, the nation will pause for a moment to remember all the important moments in their lives influenced by signing something electronically. Parades in several large cities will feature giant balloons and marching bands celebrating….

Okay, so most everyone doesn’t know what National ESign Day is.

No worries. There are no federal deadlines associated with it. No money due to or by anyone. It is worth making a special note of however.  For 15 years, eSignatures have been revolutionizing workflows in many industries and saving millions of trees and other natural resources.

We even created a special Web page for the special day. Complete with video, research study, and infographic.

National eSign Day information.

National eSign Day information. Fun!

And here’s the official company spiel:

National ESIGN Day was spearheaded by DocuSign who formed a coalition to have it passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress. ESIGN Day was officially designated by Congress on June 30, 2010, following President Clinton signing into law the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act on June 30, 2000. The federal ESIGN Act created a vast opportunity for companies of every size and industry to benefit from the speed, security and convenience of eSignatures over the last 15 years.

And a nice picture of the official plaque in our offices.

wall sign smaller

And while we are considering national days of observance…

Here are a few more fun ones to jot down on your calendar:

  • June 25 – Log Cabin Day (I think you are supposed to build one or maybe have pancakes?)
  • June 25 – National Catfish Day (The animal, not the nefarious web activity)
  • June 26 – National Chocolate Pudding Day (Yum!)
  • June 27 – Sun Glasses Day (Sounds “shady.”)
  • June 28 – Insurance Awareness Day (Make sure you’re covered.)
  • June 29 – Waffle Iron Day (Another “Yum!” which could be cross promoted with Log Cabin Day…)

And then it’s onto July, which is apparently “National Horseradish Month.” Go figure.