MOMENTUM’16 London officially kicked off yesterday — and with it came hundreds of the individuals seeking to brainstorm and innovate through keynotes, breakout sessions and more — all in the name of moving at the speed of digital.

A few fun facts about speed:

The speed of sound is approximately 767 miles/1234 kilometers miles per hour.

A commercial aircraft? Approximately 656 miles/1056 kilometers per hour.

And your typical NASA space shuttle? 27,500 miles/28,000 kilometers per hour.

But just what is the speed of digital?

It’s a little more complex. It may mean fast enough to close the deal from the comfort of your own home. Fast enough for your head to remain clear. Fast enough to make space for your next great idea.

For all those who rely on DocuSign to accelerate their business?

The speed of digital is all of the below: