Contributed by Zack Alspaugh of Apttus

With our MOMENTUM’15 conference just days away, we invited DocuSign partner and MOMENTUM sponsor Apttus to share their insights on digital transformation and new ways businesses are leveraging digital, data-focused tools to streamline sales processes.

In the consumer world, digital isn’t a transformation; it’s a fact of life. From smart phones, to smart TVs, to driverless cars, to connected devices: we are all enraptured by digital technology.

In business however, the adoption has lagged. Something as simple as introducing e-signature to your quotes and contracts can increase approval times by 500%, and in neck-in-neck deals, speed can make all of the difference in beating out a competitor.

“To survive and thrive in the age of the customer, businesses must become digital,” explains Forrester analyst Martic Gill. “You face the growing reality that your customers, your touchpoints, your competitors, your suppliers and even your products are now digital.” And if “digital keeps everything in motion,” then by rules of inertia, companies that haven’t eliminated manual processes are increasingly falling behind.

Stepping into the Realm of Today

One of the most painstakingly manual processes in every business is Quote-to-Cash.

Quote-to-Cash is the end to end business process connecting a customer’s intent to buy and the realization of revenue, encompassing the entirety of your sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles.

Because Quote-to-Cash is at the epicenter of every company’s ability to drive revenue and manage risk, it is arguably the most critical process of your business.  Yet, historically, it’s also one of the most poorly executed processes. Despite having fluent data between your quotes, contracts, and revenue management, these functions are executed across an array of siloed departments and platforms, riddled with manual steps rather than handled in one complete and comprehensive solution. Apttus, in conjunction with the Salesforce platform, allows for a streamlined Quote-to-Cash process, making “closing deals” a highly effective and integrated process that can be managed — even across business units and geographies — in the cloud. Companies that have implemented automated Quote-to-Cash have seen 105% larger deal size, 28% shorter sales cycles, and 26% more reps achieving quota.

The Digital World of Tomorrow

Enterprise business is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation in the way companies can acquire, process, and act on information. With the move to digital, there is a plethora of available historical data tied to your sales deals, contracts, revenue, and procurement. By leveraging this data with predictive analytics you’ll not only have greater insight into real-time processes, but be able to accurately anticipate change before it happens. Business solutions are now capable of learning from your historical behavior, business rules, and revenue goals in order to recommend next step actions and rapid what-if scenario planning. The result will be increased visibility, improved decision quality, and maximized ROI.

To learn more about the future of digital business, join Apttus and DocuSign at MOMENTUM 2015 March 10-12 in San Francisco. Hear from experts on how you can drive digital adoption, accelerate time to value, and network with industry luminaries from around the world.

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