Over the past few years, DocuSign has accrued a group of innovative partners that have not only built integrations with our APIs, but have set an example for other businesses looking to make a digital transformation. Partners are critical to driving our innovation forward, which is why each year at Momentum, we hold an annual Partner Summit. This half-day event is open to any and all of DocuSign’s 1700+ partners.

This year, companies like Google, Salesforce, IBM and others will join us to network and brainstorm with business leaders across DocuSign’s vast partner network. But perhaps most crucially, they’ll hear directly from other leaders on how each has achieved business success with DocuSign.

This key benefit helps shed light on the wide array of DocuSign use cases, and ultimately, provides each partner with insights they can learn from, take home, and use to propel their business forward. Those who attend the Partner Summit will also gain access to the full Momentum conference.  

The Partner Summit will recognize selected partners for their individual work with DocuSign. Awards for “Highest Successful Transactions in 2017,” “Best Lead Generation Partner 2017,” “Best Reseller of the Year,” and “Rookie of the Year” will be distributed, all before heading to an exclusive cocktail hour where the conversation can continue.

The “Best Innovation 2017” award will be determined at our “Innovation Faceoff.” Three of our partner finalists who have built integrations will compete against one another in front of a panel of four DocuSign judges. They’ll be scored on difficulty, execution, use case and customer experience.  (Stay tuned – we’ll announce the winners on our blog on Tuesday afternoon next week!)

Want to learn more about Momentum? Get the full details here.