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The welcome demise of the ink-based signature. And happy eSigning!

You’ve seen the videos: kindergartners are given gadgets from “times gone by” to see if they can figure out what they are. You know, those ancient artifacts like a typewriter, a CD or cassette tape, or a rotary phone. The results are often hilarious. Here’s a great example from NBC’s Dateline:

Now we’re closer to adding one more thing to that table of mysteries: the ink signature on paper. 

Happy US ESIGN Day (June 30) and EU eIDAS Day (July 1)!

These two events illustrate just how far we’ve progressed from royal wax seals and florid signatures on the bottom of declarations and decrees. Now from Adak, Alaska in the west to Cape Greco, Cyprus in the east, electronic versions of signatures and approvals have reached a new level of acceptance across America and the European Union.

Check out this handy webpage to make better sense of it all.  In a nutshell:

  • ESIGN Day celebrates the passage of the ESIGN Act in the US Congress in 2000.
  • eIDAS Day marks the coming into effect of a newly revamped  1999 Electronic ID and Trust Services regulation in Europe.

Both continue to bring about easier cross-state and border digital business.


  1. This is certainly more convenient than chasing someone down for a signature on something they printed and set aside.

  2. 85 million is the great result!

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