By Erika Cheley, Director of Cloud Technologies for Microsoft’s State and Local Government organization

“Moving at the speed of government” is rarely viewed as a positive attribute.  Anyone who has worked in government or tried to do business with government can attest to this.  In my 20+ years working with government organizations, figuring out how to solve this problem – making government faster, friendlier, and more efficient – has been the goal of every single one of my customers.  All too often, though, there’s a gap between what government organizations set out to achieve and what they ultimately accomplish.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with DocuSign in my current role as a Director of Cloud Technologies for Microsoft’s State and Local Government organization because I believe that together we’re able to give governments the tools to close this gap.

Governments have already invested in numerous systems to improve the speed, constituent experience, and security of every process between employees and citizens.  But for all of their promise, these systems are failing to deliver on creating a faster and better digital government.  Core processes are still heavily dependent on paper-based manual tasks – and all the problems you were trying to address around speed, security, and experience come back to haunt you.

The insight we’ve learned from government organizations we’re working with is that even if you’ve invested in automating your core processes, you still fail to reap the majority of the benefits of going digital.  Closing that digital gap, the one that truly lets you go digital from end-to-end, is the key to unlocking the value of the investments you’ve worked so hard to make.

Office 365 and DocuSign for Microsoft are enabling government organizations to unlock this value:

  • Eliminating paper – Employees can remain completely within the Microsoft environment while initiating and completing forms and transactions. There’s no longer a need to resort to paper when an employee can draft an agreement in Microsoft Word and seamlessly send the document for signature from within the application thanks to the DocuSign integration.
  • Achieving true mobility – Employees and citizens can conduct business on any device, anywhere, at any time. Employees can start working on a document on one device and pick up exactly where they left off on another device; and employees and citizens no longer have to be physically present to submit a form or sign an agreement.
  • Ensuring trust – When documents contain highly sensitive information, you can’t afford to take risks. Protecting personal data is government’s top priority, and it’s the top priority for DocuSign and Microsoft as well. DocuSign and Microsoft both take a comprehensive approach to ensuring security, privacy, compliance, and enforceability of your transactions.

With Office 365 and DocuSign for Microsoft, you finally have the tools to change “moving at the speed of government” into a compliment.

Interested in learning more about how Microsoft and DocuSign are making government faster, friendlier, and more efficient?  Join me for a 30-minute webinar (hyperlink to registration page: on February 11th for examples of the value government organizations are seeing and for a product demo.