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Making an Environmental IMPACT with DocuSign

At DocuSign, “going green” means more to us than a commitment to sharing our paperless technology with the world.

Supporting crucial causes like environmentalism is a core part of our mission. With Earth Day right around the corner on April 22, we decided there was no better time to help create more positive change regarding the planet.

A few quick, fun facts: Earth Day was founded in 1970, and quickly helped spark the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the passage of the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Endangered Species Acts. Today it is the largest secular observance in the world, celebrated each year by over one billion people. 

But some not-so-fun facts? Check out the infographic below.

Going paperless is one highly effective way to help the environment — but in a nod to Earth Day, we decided to expand our impact further. 

We knew the best way to make a difference was by harnessing the energy and dedication of our employees: Through our DocuSign IMPACT foundation, we planned a three-part event to coincide with Earth Day and provide eager volunteers with the resources to make immediate, measurable, and lasting progress.

From nonprofit socials highlighting green-centric nonprofits, to e-waste recycling, to a newsletter highlighting Earth Day related events, here’s how we’re helping our employees get involved and make an environmental impact this Earth Day — and year-round.

Third Annual Nonprofit Social

While this is our third nonprofit social, it’s our first to exclusively feature environmentally-focused organizations. For employees looking to get involved, this nonprofit social is a great place to start. Over light lunch, we’ll be highlighting local, green-centric nonprofits in our Seattle and San Francisco offices, respectively, and providing employees with direct ways to get involved in their communities.

Free Electronics Recycling

According to DoSomething.org, only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled. DocuSign IMPACT has partnered with 3R Technology to make e -waste recycling bins available in the Seattle office. Beginning April 11, there will be bins available in the 17th floor kitchen for employees to recycle any and all e-waste.

What’s more, 3R technology will be donating $1 to Trees for the Future for every 100lbs of electronics collected in April across all eWaste collection events. Trees for the Future assists agricultural families in creating Forest Gardens – which provide greater sustenance, a sustainable future, and long-term environmental benefits for the planet. DocuSign IMPACT has chosen to match all donations up to $500.

Earth Day Newsletter

There are a plethora of Earth Day-related events in the coming weeks. Employees will have access to a varied list of local events: From removing invasive species or building a new trail to picking up trash on the beach, we’re inviting employees to volunteer either as individuals or teams for at least one project this month.

Learn more here about how DocuSign IMPACT harnesses the power of our technology, our dollars, and our employees to make a difference in communities around the globe.  

See what it takes to become a Green Digital hero here.


  1. This is awesome! Nice to know we are making an impact!

  2. Hi, on occasion I see a 404 site error when I arrive at your webpage. Just a heads up, best wishes

    • Caitlin Angeloff

      May 31, 2017 at 3:41 pm

      Hello Larv, Thanks so much for the feedback. We had closely monitored and resolved the issue last time it popped up and are always on the lookout for future issues like this. Appreciate the heads up.

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