This year it’s time to clear out the paper cluttering up your office and implement that plan to take the paper out of your work. Now is the time to commit to a digital New Year and DocuSign. With DocuSign, you save time (no filing of papers), you save space (eliminate that pesky filing cabinet) and you save money (just think no toner, no paper – that adds up!). It’s a win-win. Plus, because your documents are stored in the cloud, you take them with you wherever you go. How cool is that?

To help you commit to your New Year’s resolution of going digital in 2014, DocuSign is giving you the opportunity to win a $3,000 Digital Makeover!

The Digital Makeover includes a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and a pair of headphones. Plus each week for three weeks, we will be giving away a smartphone.

To enter for a chance to win:

  1. Start a free trial. (
  2. Already have DocuSign? You can still win, just refer a friend to enter– every referral gives you a chance to win! (

All purchases, referrals, and free trials during January 2014 are eligible to win.  Remember, the more friends you refer, the more opportunities you have to win!

So what are you waiting for? Keep your 2014 New Years resolution and eliminate the paperwork in your life!