Living Our Values at DocuSign: Employee Stories

At DocuSign, we live by three values -- Trusted. Loved. Responsible. -- and we see our team living these every day in how they treat our customers, partners, each other and even themselves. We asked our global team to share with us how they see our values in action in their day to day jobs. The stories flooded in, and we were overwhelmed by the passion and honesty they shared with us. Here are four that give you a good look into our culture.

Joyce Liang, Executive Briefing Center Coordinator, San Francisco

When I interviewed with DocuSign two years ago, I was getting ready to graduate from UC San Diego in a few months. Although my team wanted an immediate hire, I'm grateful they waited 6 months for me. In my time here, I’ve seen all of DocuSign’s values in action. Trust: It was extremely important for me to choose a company/team that would invest in my growth. My manager makes time for me every week and is truly invested in mentoring me and making sure I’m doing the work of my life. I have an awesome teammate who’s supportive and we’re both pursuing a marketing certificate with help from our Education Assistance Program. Responsible: I wanted to work for DocuSign because of the value to give back. Last year, I took Volunteer Time Off to fly to Seattle and volunteer for Special Olympics. I joined the steering committee for DocuSign Women and Dress for Success and spearheaded two DocuSign Women professional development events. Loved: I’ve developed valuable relationships at DocuSign. As a new grad, there were times I felt insecure and doubted my decisions. However, with time and being able to interact with executives and other colleagues, I’ve grown more confident because of the inclusive, friendly, and vibrant personalities here. Thank you, DocuSign, for making me feel welcomed and teaching me what it means to a diligent and caring leader and team member.

Cecily Algera, Developer, Paris

I am a special case employee. I was a developer that stopped working to raise my children. After 18 years, I was ready to go back to the work force and started a Java course at the age of 51. I started an internship at DocuSign and only knew the basics. My team taught me a lot and three years later, I am still here. In my role, I didn’t immediately see the value I was adding to the organization. I would add little functions here and there that didn’t affect a lot of users.  Then I realized, I am doing the work of my life by making life a little bit easier for someone else so maybe they can do the work of their lives. You don’t leave development for 18 years and come back on the same level as the young developers but within a company like DocuSign, I can have a place too. I am so grateful for the opportunities that DocuSign gives even to special case employees like me.

Mary Leffew, Customer Success Manager, Indianapolis

Before DocuSign, I was in a situation that deeply shook my confidence and sense of personal power, and I was working on rebuilding it. Since joining, I've thrived more than I could ever imagine. My manager built an amazing team and always pushes us to do and be more than we ever thought possible. Instead of saying “you can’t do this,” he said, “you got this.” Through this passion, inspiration and genuine love for our team, company, and customers, my career is on fire at DocuSign. My manager encourages us to step up and be visible within the organization and to do the same with our customers. Be bold, build strong, meaningful, and made-to-last relationships. I feel like the entire company is in my corner cheering me on. This new confidence and empowerment led me to seek ways to pay it forward to others in need of someone who believes in them and is willing to listen.

Jesse Shao, Solution Engineer, Seattle

2 ½ years ago I worked three jobs and had no benefits, so a $300 bill could mean eviction. I applied to over 50 tech companies to change my circumstances and only one gave me a phone screen: DocuSign. I began as a market development rep and struggled greatly. Regardless, my manager invested in me, grooming me into a top performer while allowing me to pursue passions in IMPACT, our corporate social responsibility program. I am a Solution Engineer (SE) now, a path I wouldn’t have found if not for the fairness and respect I consistently see here – whether it was the Customer Support team teaching me Postman, the SE mentorship program, or Account Executives preaching pragmatism. Any success I’ve had, I give it back. Now I’ve been at DocuSign for 2 ½ years and I can support my wife as she pursues her doctorate, plan a family, and focus on serving our community. And every day the dreams keep growing.

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