One of Dreamforce’s greatest strengths is its ability to draw professionals from all around the globe together. While there’s virtually no limit to the types of expertise present at the conference, today was of particular importance to developers. Here’s a look into some of the day’s standout events.


While Trailhead remained characteristically packed, Moscone West brought in even greater droves than usual thanks to this morning’s highlight: the developer keynote. In a dimly-lit theater, thousands gathered around a circular stage to see in-person demos and revelations about Lightning.

Salesforce’s President of Technology Srinivas Tallapragada opened the keynote, which primarily focused on how to build smarter, better, faster apps by leveraging Salesforce Lightning. “This is the place where all of you get together, share best practices, have fun, and give back to the community,” Tallapragada said. That sentiment was echoed throughout the keynote, with back-to-back demos and insights on how to best leverage Lightning.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 5.48.32 PM

Leah McGowenHare, Director of Trailhead T & P, was up first. “Lightning really is three things for developers,” she began. “It is a beautiful and engaging experience that comes out of the box for all of our flagship apps like service and sale and custom apps. It is a framework that allows you to build modern apps fast. And it is a vibrant ecosystem of components and applications built by our partners and developers so developers like you have these items to put into your application.”-

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She then continued on into a live demo before Emily Rose, Developer Evangelist, took the stage. “Smart apps are event-driven and are always learning,” she said. They can anticipate what might happen next. They can even make recommendations as to what should happen.”

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The keynote went on to provide several more demos before Tallapragada offered some final advice: “To build these smarter apps you need three things: To capture and publish data, to train and classify, and to surface predictions or recommendations.”


Is it possible to make coding even more fun for developers? Yes, if there’s sushi and dim sum present. Yesterday was our developer workshop in the W Hotel. Over tasty food, we showed how to build DocuSign eSignature capabilities directly into their Salesforce apps using Apex controllers, VisualForce and Lightning UX pages. Attendees also discovered how to do embedded signing from a Community, got a tour of the Developer Center, and received a peek inside what’s new with the DocuSign for Salesforce Connector.  


More may be merrier, but after the hustle and bustle of Dreamforce, we were ready for a slightly smaller, more low-key soiree. One takeaway from the evening? If you build a photo booth, they will come. (And have a lot of fun.)

Our “After After Party” we held last night with Domo took place on the terrace at the W Hotel and provided just the right combo of snapping, terrace chats, and signature drinks. It’s also an excellent predecessor to tonight’s Appirio + DocuSign + Conga party–which, with three floors, will be anything but laid-back.



Last but certainly not least, here are some of our favorite #DF16 moments plucked from the socialsphere. Want to join the DocuSign conversation? Follow us here and here. (Oh, and here.)

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And with that, we’re off to put on our party getups and hit the dance floor! Have a great night and we’ll see you tomorrow for the final day of Dreamforce.