Marc Benioff’s much-anticipated keynote took place today, along with special guests Ebony Frelix, SVP of Philanthropy & Engagement at, Deborah Dungan, CEO of (Red), and WIll.I.Am, innovator and musician. Altogether, 170,000 attendees gathered to hear Benioff’s revelations along with 15 million online viewers.

Marc Benioff offered his insights all throughout the entire keynote, weaving in between speakers before his presentation. “Let’s remember why we come to Dreamforce,” he said. “Behind all of these things are our customers. An opportunity to get closer to our customers than ever before. That’s the power of our community.”

Will.I.Am kicked off the keynote by encouraging those conference attendees to teach inner city students about tech: “I’m not just here because I like to hang out with geeks. I’m here because I think geeks could change inner cities forever,” said the musician. “There’s a tsunami in every hood every day,” he continued. “Tsunami of drugs and crimes. If only these kids were given an investment in education early on, they’d be the entrepreneurs we celebrate today. They’d be your competitors.” Will.I.Am then closed with a remake of The Black Eyed Peas’ hit single, “Where is the Love.”

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Next up was Ebony Frelix, who spoke about (RED) and its mission to help create the first AIDS-free generation by 2020. The organization has partnered with in a campaign to raise $1 million to support the global fight against AIDS. She also revealed Bill and Melinda Gates would be double-matching all the funds raised at Dreamforce: “Your 10 becomes 30. Our 1 million becomes 3 million,” and “every single cent goes to HIV.”

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Deb Dugan then took the stage to speak on her company’s mission to eradicate AIDS by 2020: “My values and business skills converged at (RED),” she said. “The ultimate ROI? Lives saved.”

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Finally, Marc Benioff reappeared alongside his Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris to provide a look inside how Einstein, Salesforce’s “AI for everyone” helps predict competitors and generate leads. They also had a special visitor onstage: A virtual Einstein character who appeared alongside Harris and Benioff.


Melinda Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Robin Roberts, co-anchor of NBC’s “Good Morning America,” sat down to share their thoughts on how to increase diversity in tech.  “You want to lift up a society, a country, you must invest in women,” said Gates.

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The DocuSign booth was abuzz all day with visitors curious to chat with our Product Team + snag some sweet swag. Feeling courageous enough to snap a #SignatureMoment photo? Swing by the booth tomorrow to strike a pose and win some excellent #AppyCamper merch!

DocuSign also teamed up with SpringCM in celebration of our mutual love: efficiency. Conference ttendees willing to test out their speed in creating and filling out a mock contract had the opportunity to win a bike — or for the speediest of them all? A trip to New Orleans. Think you’re fast enough to win? Swing by booth 207 tomorrow to find out!


Last night we went in search of an epic party — and an epic party we found: What do you get when you combine hyper-skilled aerialists, stilt-walkers, and countless Dreamforce attendees ready to party? Camp Outfierce 2016. We hit the official Outforce soiree yesterday and danced into the night as drone winners were announced to the backdrop of elaborate costumes and flowing champagne. The party also raised upwards of $35,000 for nonprofit The Trevor Project.


The socialsphere continued to light up with #DF16 posts all throughout the day. Here are some of our favorite moments:
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Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 5.43.48 PM Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 5.43.25 PM


Today we are delighted to announce DocuSign for Salesforce has seen continued success among leading companies and partners. “DocuSign has grown within the Salesforce ecosystem over the years and led the transformation allowing organizations large and small to go fully digital,” said Parker Harris, co-founder and CTO, Salesforce. To learn more about DocuSign for Salesforce’s growing momentum, click here.

The consensus? It was a long, exciting, and highly productive day filled with discovery and imagination. We’re off to the Domo + DocuSign After After Party and will see you bright and early. Until tomorrow!