We are live with the DocuSign Summer ‘18 Release!

It’s been a busy few months here at DocuSign. With our annual customer event, Momentum, happening last week and the launch of DocuSign’s Summer ‘18 Release, we’ve got a ton of fantastic new functionality across our platform and partners.

But before we dig in, last week we unveiled our expanded vision to modernize the world’s Systems of Agreement: the technologies and processes companies use to prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements. This vision builds on the foundation of our leading e-signature technology, broadening the DocuSign platform to automate and connect what happens before, during and after an e-signature is executed.

And the good new is we’ve baked in capabilities from this quarter’s release to better support you in transforming your entire agreement process from Prepare all the way to Manage. The best part of it all? Many of these innovations came straight from our incredible customer base.  Let’s dive into these updates that are available now with the DS Summer ‘18 Release, unless otherwise noted below.


Taking a look first at mobile, one of the things we see happening is that the camera is a top five source for documents in our mobile apps. That’s because sometimes you need to scan a paper agreement. With Mobile Document Scanning, you’ll be able to scan, crop, resize and add multiple pages before importing to DocuSign. This isn’t just useful inside your business for things like construction sites or plans, disclosure packets, or invoice approvals. Think about how you can even use it in your personal life to sign event waivers, permission slips, repair quotes.

(Available now for iOS and in the Fall for Android)


Signers in Europe often use Electronic IDs or other company-issued smart cards in countries such as Germany, Belgium, and Spain, to sign documents. When reading these cards, DocuSign can now validate and accept Qualified Certificates that are listed on the EU Trust List. Qualified Signer-Held Certificates helps customers unlock use cases that need a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and where signers have their own smart cards.


Agreement processes, such as pricing quotes and proposals, involve multiple systems, documents types and parties. These processes are fragmented, costly, and lack visibility and control. DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ facilitates a faster and easier experience at every stage of the quote-to-cash process. You can now leverage DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ to dynamically create your quotes with predetermined pricing rules, automatically route through required approval flows, and send out for signature to all involved parties. And all the while maintaining full visibility and control of where that document is every step of the way.


For our admins out there, we are taking it to the next level with powerful user management capabilities and new centralized administrative tools with Organization Management. This allows global companies with accounts in multiple data centers, departments, brands, industries, or subsidiaries to manage all of their users and accounts at an organization-level in one centralized interface. Customers can have flexible and customizable delegated administrative roles, reduce complexity and time on daily tasks with user list exports, and gain full insight into administrative changes and events with organization audit logs. (Available in July)

We’re also looking to make it easier to gain insights around how DocuSign is being adopted inside your organization. Especially for complex rollouts with numerous accounts, business units and high transaction volumes. You may want to track something straightforward, such as envelopes use versus purchased allotment across all accounts in your Organization. You may want to run a more sophisticated analysis where you pair DocuSign data with data from other systems. For example, in your warehouse you could join DocuSign data with Salesforce - and compare deal close times for teams using DocuSign vs those that aren’t. All of this is enabled using the Data Feed API to bring DocuSign data into your warehouse to make data your own. (Available in July)

As you can see, there is no shortage of innovation coming from us and we’re excited to continue this journey and dedication to customer-driven functionality. Stay tuned for upcoming releases to learn even more about what we’ve got in store.

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