There’s only one Dreamforce — and from the moment the gates first open to Dream Valley on Monday morning until the very last session Thursday afternoon, the opportunities for discovery are virtually limitless.

Day four was no exception. From the “Compassion in Action” keynote to insights from social selling expert Koka Sexton via FB live, day four packed a condensed yet powerful punch. Read on for some of our favorite moments from #DF17 Day 4.

1:1 Meetings at the W, Booth Presence and more

As a Dreamforce sponsor, we had the opportunity to connect with customers in a variety of ways: From our Customer Success Expo booths, to our Developer Forest presence, to 1:1 consultations at the W Hotel, the event provided an ideal platform for speaking face-to-face with individuals looking to sharpen their digital strategies and innovate in their businesses. From the moment DocuSign is adopted, it serves as a powerful tool for any and all industries and organizations. However, its benefits become compounded the more an individual learns about our technology.

Closing Keynote: Compassion in Action

One of the primary themes of Dreamforce and of Salesforce as a company is giving back. For the closing keynote, epidemiologist and philanthropist Larry Brilliant, and Adam Grant, professor at the Wharton School of Business, spoke on the importance of compassion, particularly in relation to for-profit companies. “Compassion in action can also mean how a for-profit company tries to balance doing well and doing good,” said Brilliant. Click here to see excerpts from their closing keynote conversation.

FB LIVE with Koka Sexton

In the final installment of our series, we had the opportunity to sit down with social selling expert Koka Sexton. During his FB LIVE interview with Emmy award-winning host Jonas Tichenor, Sexton described best practices for social selling, the rise of social media as a selling platform, and more. With ten years of sales experience, Koka Sexton is one of the most recognized social experts in the tech industry. Click here to see his FB LIVE interview in its entirety.

Heard on the #DF17 Street: 

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