In a conference that is already brimming with innovation, Dreamforce Day 2 is by far the busiest day of the week. With over 1195 breakout sessions and 46 keynotes, there was something for everyone regardless of their industry, profession, or interests. (Even rock climbing in Dream Valley.)

Once again, we had the opportunity to connect with customers in numerous ways: From our Customer Success Expo booths, to our Developer Forest presence, to 1:1 consultations at the W Hotel, Dreamforce Day 2 was filled with face-to-face brainstorming, networking, and strategizing.

Keynote: Michelle Obama

Had you walked by Moscone Center at 6AM, you would’ve seen people lined up around the block, sipping coffee, waiting patiently. And for good reason: The Michelle Obama keynote would begin in three and-a-half hours — and thousands were determined to grab a spot.

We managed to squeeze our way in to hear some of the former First Lady’s insights. Interviewed by Salesforce Chairman and CEO, Michelle Obama spent a full hour discussing education, gender equality, climate change — and the role the tech world plays in all these issues.

“I want kids to know that there isn’t some predetermined story out there that they need to live. Everyone’s story has value,” she said. In addition to the thousands of attendees who filled the keynote theater, a small group of children sat at the base of the circular stage. Obama addressed them directly throughout the course of her keynote — explaining how and why they, and all other children, were her inspiration.

Click here to see Michelle Obama’s conversation with Marc Benioff in its entirety.

Outfierce: Surf Camp

Dreamforce isn’t just synonymous with learning — but tenacity. Particularly concerning attendees’ ability to wake up at the crack of dawn — work, study, discover for 12 hours, and then head out for a night of #DF17 dinners

 and parties.

Of the many soirees that took place last night, our choice was Outfierce: Salesforce’s Ohana Group for allies of diversity and inclusion. The party celebrated equality, and was designed around the theme of “Surf Camp.” Needless to say, the two-story bash was filled to the brim with beach-clad attendees and surf-themed decor– including giant sandcastles, beach balls, balloons, and a photobooth (complete with jellyfish hats and a trident).

DocuSign Sessions 

One of our favorite parts of Dreamforce is having the opportunity to showcase the devotion and talent of some of our employees. Several of our subject-matter-experts shared their insights on digital transformation today at #DF17 today.

Executive Director of DocuSign IMPACT, Amy Skeeters-Behrens, appeared as a panelist on “Winning the Talent Wars Through Integrated, Strategic Philanthropy.” During the talk, she spoke about the future of philanthropy: “People are increasingly coming to their workplace with the expectation that they will have some mechanism to express their values and their desire to do good through their work,” she said.

Senior Software Engineer, Mikhail Voronin also presented at “Using Heroku and Apache Camel to create open source Integrations with Salesforce.”

Facebook LIVE: Liberty Madison

Our second installment of our Facebook LIVE series kicked off at noon today, featuring Liberty Madison, founder of #ThatTechGirl Digital, a digital content creation tech company in Silicon Valley, and co-founder of #dataAF, the largest Genz and Millennial data movement in the world.

To see Liberty’s interview with Emmy award-winning host and DocuSign Director of PR and Customer Evidence, Jonas Tichenor, click here.

Heard on the #DF17 Street