A lot has changed since DocuSign’s launch in 2003. What began as one small office in downtown Seattle has grown to twelve locations with nearly 1,500 employees sprinkled across the globe–from England, to Australia, to Singapore.

But one thing has stayed the same: Our employees are some of the most community-driven and passionate people we know.  

Because of this, we created DocuSign IMPACT, a program through which our employees can set their work aside for the day and give back to their communities. DocuSign IMPACT empowers employee volunteerism with three days paid-time-off annually for every employee to volunteer in their communities. For some employees, this means cleaning up parks or working at a soup kitchen. For others, it’s spending the day at an equestrian therapy center for disabled children and adults. Our Dublin team recently worked on a garden for a senior center, and our Seattle team dedicated a day to cleaning up a green space.

The benefits of this work are twofold: Not only does it aid our communities, it promotes camaraderie and drives company culture. And while our DocuSign IMPACT teams each create positive change in their respective neighborhoods and communities, we found ourselves seeking a way to drive impact that brought the entire company together even more effectively.

Which led to the question: What if every DocuSign employee—regardless of office location or department—took a day to give back? What if it were the same day?  

November 12, 2015, will be our first ever Global IMPACT Day. From account managers in Seattle, to administrative assistants in Sydney, to customer support reps in Paris, to social media managers in Seattle–all DocuSign employees will be putting on their gardening gloves, tying their aprons, or lacing up their work boots for the purpose of impacting their individual neighborhoods and communities. Beginning at noon, we’ll close our laptops, grab a bag lunch, and head out to various locations to join our site leaders. We’ll spend the rest of the day planting trees, working in food distribution centers, and more.

To learn more about how DocuSign IMPACT supports nonprofits, visit www.docusignimpact.org.