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Agreements are everywhere. From sales contracts and job offers, to purchase orders and beyond –  a modern, digital system of agreement enables businesses to deliver value faster to customers, partners and employees.

Every company has a system of agreement, whether they realize it or not. For most, it involves a complex web of manual processes, people, and legacy technologies to prepare, sign, enact and manage agreements. This “system” is likely fragmented with different areas of the company and even different workgroups each doing their own thing.

This fragmented approach takes a toll in money, time, customer experience, and employee satisfaction. Understanding your organization’s digital maturity can accelerate your path to simplifying agreement processes – and reduce that legacy toll on your business – with DocuSign’s System of Agreement Platform.

Our Knowledge Market is here to help, with a step-by-step guide that can lead to both insight and an action plan. Download our paper to learn:

Step One - Where to Start.

Take our rapid assessment quiz  to quickly assess your level of digital maturity and where to begin. Or, conduct a more in-depth business maturity assessment either on your own or with our help to reveal your organization’s competence in the four key phases of coming to agreement: Prepare, Sign, Act, and Manage.

A Business Maturity Assessment will help you better understand your system of agreement’s current state, and the pathways for modernizing. For each question in the assessment, the intent is to score your level of digital maturity. For example:

  1. Prepare: How do you locate and collect the documents, forms, and versions you need for a customer agreement?
  2. Sign: How do you get your agreement to a customer?
  3. Act: Once your agreement is executed, what happens next? What actions are triggered?
  4. Manage: How do you store and retrieve your agreements?

Step Two - Understand the Opportunity.

We often recommend going through the exercise of developing an Opportunity Map, which will give you a step-by-step outline and project plan for implementation and the ability to benchmark against industry peers.

Step Three - Achieving Outcomes.

What good is a modern system of agreement, if no one is using it? From strategy to execution, you need a framework for clearly defined KPI’s to gauge success. A common best practice for staying on track is to develop and maintain a Success Plan that targets key areas and provides a dashboard view of the status and health of each area for an organization. It’s also important to have an Adoption Plan to articulate your objectives (e.g. saving time, reducing cost, improving customer experience, etc.) and prioritize accordingly.

Learning from Others

One of the easiest ways to accelerate results with DocuSign is to learn from others’ digital journeys. The short-list of lessons learned and best practices from our Customer Success team members, who work directly with thousands of customers helping them to navigate their digital transformations, includes starting small, having a plan and support from across your organization, staying focused – and asking us for help.

Next Steps: A Library Full of Knowledge

We understand that the motivation and perseverance required to become a truly digital business leveraging a modern system of agreement can be  daunting – and we know that success when you achieve it is deeply satisfying. The DocuSign Knowledge Market contains over 100 articles, whitepapers and tools to help companies learn best practices and successfully capture value from their eSignature solutions and the DocuSign System of Agreement Platform.

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