Big news: The Knowledge Market got a revamp.

While the Knowledge Market has always been an invaluable resource for capitalizing on your DocuSign investment through white papers, articles and more, it’s now even simpler to navigate with an expanded library of information.

From documented best practices to use case data, everything you need to increase successful transactions is at your fingertips. And the best part? It’s completely complimentary – simply sign in using your DocuSign username and password and voila — unlimited knowledge is yours for the taking.

Let’s take a closer look:

We’ve all fallen prey to difficult-to-navigate websites. While it’s been simple to find the info you’re looking for on the Knowledge Market — navigation can always be improved. And so, in our 2.0 release, we did just that:

  • The central navigation zone and sidebar provide easy access to our most recently released articles and whitepapers, while the improved Use Case Map Tool includes data from over 1000 use cases.
  • What’s your industry? Your department? The central navigation zone organizes use cases by industry and department so you can zero in on your target and avoid everything else.
  • Rolling out DocuSign in your organization? Old habits (can) die hard, but thankfully, there’s plenty of resources for coaxing paper out and encouraging adoption amongst your employees. Even better? The Knowledge Market 2.0 not only has a plethora of adoption tools, but a “Business Strategy” area to actually measure how much value DocuSign brings to your organization.

These are just a few of the improved features in Knowledge Market 2.0 However, we feel it’s always better to show than tell:

We invite you to take a peek inside the Knowledge Market 2.0 and watch this video highlighting the changes.

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