Had you been at the Westin St. Francis in April, you might have seen a number of people filtering into the sunlit Alexandra room for our first annual “Women in Tech” luncheon at our MOMENTUM’16 conference.

Women in Tech Luncheon, MOMENTUM’16

With a variety of speakers from Fortune Senior Writer, Michael Lev-Ram, to VP of Intel Capital, Lisa Lambert, to VP of Strategy & People at Greenhouse, Maia Jasebachvili, the luncheon fostered conversation, brought together industry leaders, and formed new connections between women in tech.

Following the success of April’s banquet, we will host another “Women in Business” luncheon during the MOMENTUM’16 London conference.

Which is why it seemed obvious to build on the success of April’s banquet and launch our first annual “Women in Business” luncheon during DocuSign’s upcoming MOMENTUM’16 London conference.

Similar to April’s event, the upcoming luncheon will bring together some of the most ambitious women in business and explore the value their leadership brings to companies in the digital age. The event will provide not only networking opportunities, but also an opportunity to hear though-provoking speeches from some of the world’s most ambitious women in business. Featured panelists will include the following:

  • Maithreyi Seetharaman, Anchor and Executive Editor of “Real Economy,” the flagship economic show of the pan-European news network, Euronews
  • Jacky Wright, a transformational global leader, senior executive, innovative technologist and recognized STEM advocate.

Women in Tech Luncheon, MOMENTUM’16

Not only will the event provide networking opportunities, but an opportunity to hear thought-provoking speeches from some of the world’s most ambitious women in business.

As our “Women in Tech” luncheon speaker, Lisa Lambert, put it, “Expect that you should use somebody’s help. Expect that you should be a giver of help. That’s how we come together.” DocuSign’s MOMENTUM’16 London luncheon will do precisely that. It will provide an opportunity to recognize the contributions women have made in the business world, while simultaneously offer a space for further networking, collaboration, and ultimately, innovation.

If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming luncheon, or reserve your place at our MOMENTUM London conference, click here.