Have two days ever gone so quickly?

From sales to financial services to SMBs, we enjoyed seeing people from a multitude of industries come together at MOMENTUM’16 to learn, brainstorm, and innovate. No matter where you went, the conference was abuzz with people hopping from breakout sessions to keynotes to the Partner Pavilion, starting conversations in the hallways, making new connections, and forming innovative new ideas.

While our theme this year, Imagine What You Can Do, inspired and informed all our keynotes and breakout sessions, the sentiment wasn’t just for the conference. We consider most success stories contingent upon a dedication to imagination.

Which leads us to the question: What are some key takeaways from the conference that can help you maintain your momentum now that you’ve returned home?
Here’s a look back at some key moments during MOMENTUM’16:

Protecting your data in the digital age: While there’s no dispute that the digital age has brought about dramatically increased efficiency and convenience, so too has the risk of personal data being leaked as organizations become increasingly interconnected. Tom Pageler, our Chief Risk Officer, spoke at MOMENTUM’16 to the importance of security in the digital age: “Millennials are digital natives but they assume as a professional their data is safe.” Security is a top priority at DocuSign — which is why leveraging our solutions for your organization doesn’t just mean increased speed — but the peace of mind that comes with world-class security and operations, guaranteed document confidentiality, and leading system availability.

Keeping your eye on smart contracts: Tom Gonser, our founder, spoke during the opening keynote on “smart contracts,” and their importance in the future of business. Just what are smart contracts? They are self-automated computer programs that can carry out the terms of a contract. “Contracts have to get smarter. Contracts have to evolve to follow along with our conversation,” said Gonser. As our ability to manage contracts has become much more efficient, so, too, will our ability to create the contracts themselves.

The Importance of group collaboration: Ever heard of “wisdom of the crowd?” The power of teamwork and brainstorming were highlighted in many ways at this year’s MOMENTUM’16. Our “Hack-For-Good” event was one such example,  in which developers lent their coding skills to help create an app for a variety of disaster response needs.

We also launched DocuSign Transaction Rooms for financial services, which provides groups the ability to meet, discuss, and collaborate on critical agreement processes such as new account openings, client onboarding, and commercial lending.

Leveraging the power of a fully digital transformation: While many MOMENTUM’16 attendees arrived ready to focus on the implementation of DocuSign in a particular area of their organization, the use of DocuSign across all departments — from procurement, to HR, to sales, and IT — were highlighted in our breakout sessions. A fully digital transformation not only helps improve the communications between departments, but the overall efficiency of your organization.

We highlighted some of our most recent stats at MOMENTUM’16 concerning the power of a fully digital transformation. Currently, DocuSign helps 225,000 companies and 85 million users manage business anywhere, anytime, on any device, while the number of new DocuSign users grows by 85,000 per day.

What’s more, digital-forward companies are 50% more profitable and have a 19% higher market valuation than their competition.

To all our MOMENTUM’16 attendees — thank you for attending, and here’s to an imaginative and innovative year keeping life and business moving forward.