Today, I’m happy and proud to announce the arrival of a completely new and redesigned version of DocuSign Ink for iPad and iPhone. When we set out to build DocuSign Ink over a year ago, we had one simple goal. Signing a document with your mobile device should be simple. No more than a few taps and you should be done. When we launched DocuSign Ink, many of you were quick to point out just how fast, convenient and secure it was to sign and return any document right from your phone or tablet. Given the millions of documents that have been signed using DocuSign Ink, I think we can safely say we nailed that part.

Turns out you had a bunch of other comments too. Many of you wanted to add another person so that multiple people could sign a document. Others wanted to import documents and send them to be signed. Everyone wanted Box, Dropbox and Google Drive support. Along the way, we also learned that people really like to have their signature and identity reflect their own personalities.

Thanks to you we’ve always had a great idea of how to make DocuSign Ink an invaluable tool to managing your personal and professional life. The trick was to keep it simple but also make it powerful. With this new release, we believe we’ve struck the right balance of new features and a killer user experience. Today’s update will appeal to consumers, individual professionals and businesses alike. Check out the screen shot below to see the list of new features.

With my iPad, DocuSign Ink and a handful of other productivity apps, I can now manage my entire business and personal life from the subway, a coffee shop, dodging between meetings or, better yet, on the ski lift. It’s the flexibility to work when, how and where you want. We’re so excited we even made a video that you should check out.

We hope you enjoy the most powerful version DocuSign Ink ever. There’s a feedback button right in the application. Be sure to give it a tap to tell us what you think.