No matter our industry, we’re all searching for the same thing: more time. There’s nothing as valuable or useful, yet it’s easily squandered on inefficient business processes.

So how do you wriggle out from beneath the thumb of busywork? First step: Streamline your workflow.

We’ve teamed up with Atlassian to help businesses do just that. Tomorrow, DocuSign for Confluence and DocuSign for JIRA are making their Summit debut. By joining forces with the power of Atlassian, we’re offering a suite of add-ons that will transform Confluence and JIRA into digital, eSignature tools.

Not only does DocuSign for Atlassian deliver faster approvals with greater traceability, it expedites eSignature turnaround while securing business critical documents across Confluence and JIRA.

We know that DocuSign rids you of the burden of paperwork, and that JIRA and Confluence make project management simpler than ever before.

But what happens when you combine them?

With DocuSign for Confluence you can:

  • Create approval documents in Confluence using DocuSign macros to indicate signature type (date, signature, name, title, etc)
  • Export from Confluence straight into DocuSign
  • Set signing/ action order and recipients with ease
  • Get real-time updates on the status of your approvals with the DocuSign for Confluence status lozenge (so you always know the state of your document)
  • Templatize repeatedly sent eSignature document. This feature is perfect for industries with strict compliance regulations (ex. require audit tracking)

DocuSign for JIRA allows you to:

  • Associate eSignature document templates in DocuSign to issue types to spin up with ease
  • Receive real-time issue updates according to the eSignature status of your document
  • Configure custom workflows to track your approvals, with built-in triggers, conditions, and validators to auto-advance the workflow according to the document status

Ready to make busywork a thing of the past? You can learn more about the Atlassian summit and DocuSign for Confluence here and DocuSign for JIRA here. Attendees can even schedule a personal meeting with an expert member of the Praecipio Consulting Team to learn how to get the most out of the Atlassian suite.