It’s finals week. And we all know what that means — college seniors are silently hunched over their desks at 3AM, reading until their eyes bleed, while the scent of citrus energy drinks lingers in the dank dorm air, and candy covers the table — evidencing the last-ditch effort to stay awake and the all-too-familiar phenomenon of eating one’s feelings.

If you work in HR, consider this the calm before the storm. You may not be hearing from these young job-seekers yet, but come graduation, you will.

HR professionals know all too well: The minute you publish a job listing, no small amount of hopeful inquiries flood one’s inbox. When looking for an intern or entry-level position, the pool is even larger.

Which is why it’s that much more enthralling when you find the right person:

Their cover letter? Keyword perfection.

Their resume? On point.

Their personality and sense of humor? More tightly fit than skinny jeans.

The caveat? Other companies probably feel the same way. However, living in the digital age means you have the tools to potentially beat your competition to the punch when a promising candidate is on the fence.

DocuSign for Human Resources means you can:

  • Streamline new hire forms
  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase compliance
  • Improve the candidate experience

Which means it’s all the more likely promising candidates will close the deal with your company — and not another.

Want to learn more before the wave of recent grads comes knocking on your door?

That’s why we’re here. Check out DocuSign for Human Resources today.