By Erin Vaughan

As we are intimately familiar with at Modernize, to work in a startup is to have a unique relationship with speed. Sure, larger businesses move fast, but nothing like the lightning quick responses expected of new tech companies. In fact, celebrated angel investor Sam Altman said that speed is a startup’s main advantage over bigger companies. Small startups have more freedom to ramp up and launch sprints that can get them shipping faster, without having to prioritize large work queues or worrying about a failed product launch affecting their brand.

It’s that ability to act fast—to predict a market before it’s even there—that makes startups such fierce competitors in this age of business. This is a time when buyers are hungry for the next big thing, and more agile technical designs are ready replacements for old and outdated analogue equivalents.

Most startups know this all too well—crunch time is just part of the company culture. But while leaders understand the need for speed when it comes to releases, they may not have time to consider how to streamline routine tasks. Signing contracts is one of those jobs that can really hold a company back—a scanned paper contract could take whole days to execute, a lightyear in startup terms. If you want to move full speed ahead, you can’t have long, complicated processes dragging you down. Specifically, here are the benefits that startups enjoy when they switch to a digital contract signing service:

 The ability to execute contracts in record time 

New startups often find themselves bumping elbows with the competition—here, more than ever, getting to the market quicker can determine who’s seen as an innovator, and who’s just grasping at straws. Templates get the ball moving faster: clients aren’t eager to wait around to receive a copy of the standard contract, which is only available on someone’s desktop or buried in a company fileshare. Docusign allows you to send those standard agreements more rapidly. Meanwhile, that makes life easier for customers as well—no one wants to use a scanner or fax machine just to get a routine document signed. Clients appreciate the simplicity of a online contract viewing and signature system.

Keep your team agile—and mobile 

Startups, much more than other businesses, need to be able to do work on the go. All the talk in the world about your team’s digital presence won’t do much good if you’re still using the same technology from 20 years ago. Mobile platforms allow you to send off contracts pronto—mere seconds after closing the deal over a lunch meeting. No more waiting until you get back to the office!

 Standardize your workflow 

A lot of a startup’s time is spent standardizing processes for routine tasks, which may have been initially cobbled together from multiple files across a single user’s computer. Fast launches can leave a lot of chaos behind in their wake, so any process that can be streamlined lightens the administrative load for your team. An electronic signature service allows startup employees to organize and store files collaboratively, and even integrates with commonly used apps, removing the disorder from at least one of your jobs.

 Modernize your business practices with a scalable solution 

Let’s face it—paper is becoming a thing of the past. In a startup, it’s important to project an image of progressive thinking, a culture of “big ideas,” all the way down to the smallest details of day-to-day operations. A modern document signing tool sends the image to your clients and partners that you’re on top of the next big thing. And it’s a service that can grow as your business does, making it just as scalable as your roadmap. Consider it Contract 2.0!

About the Writer 

Erin Vaughan is a blogger, gardener and aspiring homeowner.  She currently resides in Austin, TX where she writes full time for, with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.