Let’s take a break from the hail shower of trends flashing on our news feeds.

Sure IoT and big data power up a storm of visibility and rightly so – they are eyebrow-raising cool and exciting for the ROI they’ll bring.

On another page of the ‘new innovation roll out menu,’ there is some chatter about the lack of groundbreaking disruptions à la The Jetsons. True, Back to the Future Part II pegged 2015 as the year of flying cars, but instead of engaging in an ‘innovation race,’ we’re noticing an even more fundamental trend that may well get us to a point where innovation mirrors our childhood fantasies.

But here’s the catch – it’s not a material trend. It’s actually a good ‘ol adage: Quality Over Quantity.

If you think about it carefully, these past few years have revolved around perfecting what we have. Take mobile, for instance, where we’ve tinkered with apps and sharper user interfaces so that business pros can knock out amazing work with ease no matter if they were surfing in Fiji (lucky them!).

Essentially, we’re in an iterative phase in our technological innovation and that’s a darn good thing because it allows us to understand and communicate what we really need out of tools and platforms to take our productivity and success to epic heights.

On the flip side, for product developers, we’ve a golden opportunity to nurture relationships with customers and grow with their needs.

Perfection doesn’t appear in a day and instead of racing to keep up with flash-in-pan trends, let’s keep true to what we’ve developed and not get lost in translation with totally new technologies. Just like we’re doing with our Cloud-based Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform, we’re dedicated to nurturing a relationship with you through tools that responds to your business needs.

We’re excited to hear from at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015 in San Francisco. Come and meet the minds behind tools that are dedicated to your success.

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