Happy Mother’s Day from DocuSign

There’s no tougher -- or more rewarding job than being a parent. As a nod to Mother’s Day we sat down with three primary caregivers who work for DocuSign to hear what life is like for them in the digital age.

Laura O., Sr. Customer Advocacy Manager

I am the Sr. Customer Advocacy Manager at DocuSign. One part of my job is managing the DocuSign Advocates HQ which is an online community that hosts some of DocuSign’s most engaged and valuable customers. The other part of my job is managing our global customer evidence program which houses case studies, DTS slides and videos. I program manage the process in which we capture our customer stories and how and where these stories are published both internally and externally. Additionally, I handle all customer reference and logo requests.

As a working parent of a 2.5 year old and 2 month old I am constantly on the go! DocuSign has helped streamline a lot of the processes in our daily lives that in turn allows for more time we can spend with the little ones. We DocuSigned Maxwell’s preschool, soccer and swimming paperwork and use it for most forms we receive for signature. Let’s face it, getting a spirited 2.5 year-old and 2 month old packed up in a car can be a task in itself so any technology we can utilize for saving us time is immensely valuable. We are huge fans of one-click, one-tap solutions so we can give more of our time and hands to our little ones!

Most of what we do now days is App-based. We get daily reports and messages from Maxwell’s preschool via a secure app, his soccer and swimming programs also both have apps for quick and easy communication. When it comes to Parker, our two-month old we use apps to help us track things like feedings so we are better prepared accurately for any questions we or our doctor may have during the visits.

Jen Z. Director, Product Management

I’m a Director of Product Management and have been at DocuSign for four-and-a-half years. I am responsible for our mortgage solutions, enabling lenders and title companies to create a better experience for their borrowers.

In addition, I’m the mom of two kids -- aged ten and twelve. Whether it’s a permission slip, school registration paperwork, or anything else our kids’ school requires to be signed -- we use DocuSign. As a parent, it’s a constant juggling act with kids and even with the best systems, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  I’ve been at work, only to find out we forgot to sign a field trip form. With DocuSign I can easily sign the document right away, from any device and without leaving the office.

Of course, the benefits of DocuSign extend beyond life with kids. I signed my DocuSign offer letter while on vacation with my family in a remote village in Nicaragua and helped a friend in rent her San Francisco condo while she was living abroad -- all using DocuSign. For real estate in general, DocuSign is highly impactful. Historically, the home buying process is antiquated and time-intensive.  By the time you’re done signing all the papers, your hand is aching. With DocuSign the process is fast, simple and efficient.

Erin Smith, Director, Information Experience

I’m the Director of Information Experience. Our team creates content about DocuSign products – to ensure customers get the right product information to successfully use DocuSign products to achieve their goals.

When we recently moved, we bought a house. DocuSign enabled us to sign some of the paperwork while we were both physically out of the state where we were moving. It also has helped us countless times get paperwork signed and to their schools, or sign for services we’d otherwise for which we would have to take time off work.  That fact means, the time off work we take – it is focused on our kids.

DocuSign is one of many great tools that help parents lead a more digital life. In turn, letting parents get back to focusing on their kids. From pictures and updates on the kids’ school progress, to videos and photos stored in the cloud and shared with family real-time anywhere in the world, including my in-laws who are in Sweden, to streamlining our lives so we can focus our free time on the kids…a digital life helps.

Happy Mother's Day from DocuSign.

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