After packing pilgrimage to so many conferences, we may rely on muscle memory to throw in the essentials, but this is Dreamforce ‘15…things will definitely crackle with a little more energy than usual!

So before you pile in the usual suspects, let’s set you up with a few extra must-haves you’ll need to amp up the Dreamforce power full force.

Mobile Accessories – You’ll most likely ferry around your personal technology mother load: laptop, tablet, smartphone…but don’t forget to dress them up for success, too, with privacy screen protectors.

How many times have you been asked for a spare charger or pair of headphones? Be a savior and consider toting around an extra. You never know…if you’re boss asks for your charger, you’re not going to say no. Of course you wouldn’t, so make good use of that bottom corner of your day bag.

Just remember to coil them up so you’re not mourning the loss of bag real estate.

Business Cards – Made you blink! True, we’re all about binning paper for good, but the term business cards won’t fade anytime soon; it just runs by a new format: Mobile.

Today, there are multiple options for mobile business cards linked to a QR code. Or you could even send them via SMS text messages.

Check out this suggested list from Heather Clancy of ZDNet — — and download before you hop on the road.

But enough from us! Let’s hear from DocuSign customers who also hit the road:

Nick Sorensen, Coo & Co-Founder, at American Healthcare Lending swears by the tried and true:

  1. Phone
  2. Phone Charger
  3. Snacks
  4. Magazines
  5. Books

And Corey Crellin, Operations Manager at American Healthcare Lending reminds of the most important item: Mileage and Travel Awards Points.

If you’re going to trapeze across the country, you’re due for a trip of your choice!

Are you pumped for Dreamforce ’15?

DocuSign looks forward to meeting you at booth N1109. Get all the info about DocuSign @Dreamforce right here: