I’m sitting watching people stream through the Westin St Francis hotel here in San Francisco where the final preparations are being made for DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014. What started as a trickle of blue lanyards is gradually becoming a sea. The atmosphere is undeniably abuzz and, after sneaking a look at the name badges, it seems by this evening the hotel will be full of 1,500 top thinkers from some of the most innovative and well-known companies on the planet.

It’s all go

As we’re shown around the conference during set up, the hammering in the Partner Pavilion becomes fiercer, keynote rehearsals are fully underway, and the atmosphere builds continuously as the finishing touches are put in place in advance of the opening reception tonight.

It has been a busy day for DocuSign so far with the company announcing an additional $85 million of funding, bringing the total raised from an array of VCs and institutional investors to $210 million. This investment will be used to advance the company’s leadership in Digital Transaction Management, a new category of cloud services designed to digitally manage document-based transactions. I can tell everyone in the business buys into the idea after seeing the excitement of employees gathered around a laptop watching their CEO Keith live on Bloomberg TV this morning. DocuSign also noted the additional funding is being earmarked to drive deeper vertical industry solutions, grow strategic partnerships, and accelerate international expansion.

On the inside track

Here as part of the media team it is interesting to see how a company like DocuSign is making waves across almost every vertical. It’s clear that Digital Transaction Management is a service that can be utilized by every organization – large and small – to streamline the way business transactions are processed, managed and completed.

The caliber of the event sponsors including Salesforce.com, box, Good, HP, Microsoft and LinkedIn, emphasizes the importance of digital transformation. When almost every other business process is digital it seems wasteful that we’re still printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting contracts, the foundation of every business agreement.

The café in the lobby is now filled with laptops, tablets, and smiling faces swapping business cards. Expectations are high as the atmosphere builds to a crescendo. Momentum truly is building.

As we spend more time in the keynotes, demos, and breakouts over the next couple of days and speak to attending companies, we’ll be updating this blog, exploring what makes DocuSign MOMENTUM one of the best business technology conferences of 2014, and sharing the compelling reasons why going digital has become an inevitable business imperative.