Why do we live and breathe technology?

A simple jaunt down memory lane brings back the days when we’d stare at the epic mounds of paper without a clue where it ends. Not fun. As a business community, we cleaned up the papery mess simply by speaking up. In forums, like G2 Crowd, we throw candid thoughts about business technologies to highlight what actually works.  

At DocuSign, we’re all about arming you with digital solutions that turn paper-based workflows into #ThrowbackThursday memories. That’s why we’re jazzed to hear the buzz around DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature solutions on G2 Crowd.

As our work all boils down to perfecting a sanity-enhancing experience, we mined through the comments to pull out what benefits crack smiles on DocuSign customers’ faces.

Let’s Button Up

Like rouge keys and socks, paper can easily fall into a black hole. Users naturally don’t have time to babysit paper-based documents like contracts and make sure that they survive the scanning, faxing or mailing process. 

Take it from Harry L.,: 

For over 20 years now we have sent contract to our customers starting off with recorded delivery, then fax and recently all via email. Our problem was simply that we could not easily track these contracts, some would get lost…”

Let’s not forget that nothing is ever deleted from the Internet, hence Dawn O., affirmation: 

”It is also very important to have an "audit trail" when presenting a contract.”

Time is Precious…Let’s Keep It Mobile

We’re hardly in a horse and buggy era, so we’re thrilled that users are flocking to their mobile devices to get business done from anywhere around the world.

According to Martha O, the difference between pre- and post mobile is a full 180: 

“No waiting for clients who have to figure out if fax will receive or if they can send it. I wasted so much time waiting for documents to be sent back from client and no more!”

It’s loud and clear that users need the speed and flexibility of mobile devices to make their own customers happy.

Rebecca B. recalls the roadblocks of conducting a paper-based business: Hardly conducive to growth and customer satisfaction. 

"The benefit is having a client be able to sign on their computer or smartphone. If they do not have access to a printer, fax, and/or scanner then previously I would literally have to drive across town to get documents signed!!! Nearly everyone has a computer or phone to use.”

Simplicity enables Success

It’s simple: make a tool easy to use and people will swear by it. G2 Crowd users are crystal on that note. Rightly so, technology must be adoptable in order to let loose the promised benefits.

For Jessie B, the right solution inspired change: 

"We are working on becoming a paperless organization as well as reducing the turn around time for signed documents. The largest unexpected benefit has been the ability to open and edit encrypted e-mails that would otherwise be uneditable.”

And It All Comes Down to Efficiency

When you put it all together, users rock their work when they’ve a tool that cuts time and saves money.

At DocuSign, we know that a secure, efficient and intuitive product will amp up your business growth. That’s why we look to users on forums to get inside their minds and learn how to best support their success.

We’re proud to take customers’ businesses, like Iain S, global: 

“The need to send and recover documents globally. We operate in 95 countries. A simple intercompany agreement is a nightmare to track and costs say $100 per country to send and receive. That is $10k a time. we probably save $50k a year in courier charges alone. I know exactly where a document is at any time.”

Reading your comments and feedback energizes and fuels our drive to offer customers the best the industry has to offer.

We appreciate every comment users leave, especially on G2 Crowd. With digital solutions, we’re becoming a tight knit business community. Let’s keep the chatter strong!

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