I recently had the opportunity to host a webinar with Jason Stubberfield of DocuSign, John Jacobs of eOriginal, and one of our joint customers – Thomas Meister of Funding Circle. We spent the majority of the time hearing from Thomas as he covered how Funding Circle is using Digital Transaction Management (DTM) to fuel the growth of their business.

Founded in 2010, Funding Circle is the leading global marketplace for small business loans. Having grown to over 450 employees globally with operations in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, and with over $1.5B lent to small businesses since inception, Funding Circle is paving the way to digitizing their entire business to be more efficient and secure with DocuSign.

Here is a sneak peek into the key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Funding Circle is using DocuSign and eOriginal to optimize the borrower experience.
  • In short, the borrower and guarantor execute the loan documents in DocuSign. Funding Circle countersigns the loan documents in DocuSign, and an “authoritative copy” of the Loan Documents is created in eOriginal and held in Funding Circle’s electronic vault.
  • With DocuSign and eOriginal, the process is smooth, professional, and quick.

Hard to say it better than some of the customers themselves:

“Funding Circle’s process was fast—it just got right to the point. It felt like they had compassion for me as a new business owner and an understanding of my financial needs.” –  Dr. Celina Hatt, Owner,  Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital

“Funding Circle’s online process was simple and thoughtful with a fast turnaround. We were super impressed–it just made sense.” – Peter Dering & Dave Anhalt, Founders, Peak Design

Of course, this was just one topic that Thomas covered. You can watch his presentation here. Make sure to listen through the Q&A as well – the audience’s questions were great.

Andrew Geisse

Director, Product Marketing