Some may ask, when would a typical college student need to use electronic signatures? I don’t run my own business, and I don’t have my own clients or customers. However, many would be surprised – just as I was – to discover how DocuSign can provide solutions to an everyday lifestyle.

First impressions are extremely important. When applying for a job, they can make the biggest difference for either the interviewer or the interviewee. This spring, I interviewed at eight different companies. Two of those businesses used DocuSign. I was amazed and appreciated being able to fill out any necessary documents before coming into an interview. It was simple, quick, and comforting to know that I wouldn’t have to fill out more documents once I arrived at the office. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves to come early to an interview, end up having to fill out tons of documents, and then have my recruiter comment on my tardiness. What was my first impression? I had already narrowed down my job search to two companies.

I was amazed, and I was already an advocate. What’s even better is that there was a DocuSign app! My generation – the future workers, partners, and leaders of the world – is more tech-savvy than ever. We live and breathe social media and technology, so an app for electronic signatures is undeniably part of the movement.

After downloading DocuSign Ink, I signed my first document: an event contract for my sorority. It was simple, fast, easy, and convenient. 




This one signature got me thinking. What if I used DocuSign for all the documents I sign each year? I sign over ten event contracts each quarter just for my sorority alone, and I am just one member. If each member in my sorority signed documents electronically, we could create thousands of paperless documents each year. By providing an efficient service that is also environmentally friendly, DocuSign creates a win-win situation.

If I start using DocuSign for my university documents as well, daily transactions would continue to get simpler. I could sign my study abroad applications with ease and apply for programs online quickly. Incoming freshmen will have the ability to sign documents online before coming to the university and smooth their transition into college, similar to transitioning a new hire.

DocuSign is the answer to every college student’s needs. We lose contracts; we misplace reports; we are too lazy to walk across campus to turn in a form. Now we can just snap a photo of the document, sign it electronically, and send it off through the internet –right from our own homes. DocuSign fits my lifestyle and saves me time, which I never seem to have enough of nowadays. DocuSign is the solution for many businesspeople as well as the typical college student. The future is going paperless.