Contributed by Sean Martin, Director of ISV Solutions Marketing at Good Technology

Your workers are already mobile – even if your business hasn’t enabled mobile to do more than access email.

According to Forrester, nearly 50% of information workers use a smartphone for work, and 30% consider themselves “anytime-anywhere workers” who complete professional tasks any time of day or night, from wherever they are. And mobile business teams are doing a lot more than reading email and accessing data: They’re completing real business transactions for everything from closing deals to managing service calls.

Chances are your company is already partway down the path to mobility. According to Good Technology’s August 2014 Midmarket Mobility Trends survey, 70% of midsize businesses provide mobile device management (MDM), and 35% have deployed secure email. But to get real work done, employees want all work-related information and services to be available on any device at the moment of need. Recognizing that, 65% of midsize businesses surveyed by Good reported plans to deploy three or more apps for workforce use in the next year. 

What’s needed to complete your move to mobility? Two key elements: First, workflows that integrate mobile devices and apps into core business activities. And second, a secure mobile platform that ensures these workflows don’t introduce risk of loss of business data or other customer information.

Whatever your industry – technology, healthcare, financial, retail, communications, or education – you stand to gain from four significant benefits by going mobile.

Improved Collaboration: With the ability to edit and sign documents, download and manipulate data, and access corporate systems from anywhere, your business teams can collaborate more easily than ever. They’ll be able to work together in and out of the office, during meetings, and even from home. And they’ll be better informed to make decisions quickly.

Increased Workforce Productivity: Mobilized workers can also be more productive, since they can access corporate data and services anytime and anywhere. Not only can that accelerate transaction times, but it can also reduce costs and speed results across your business.

Satisfied Customers: The mobilized business can also keep customers more engaged and better connected to your company. Forging relationships with people makes all the difference, and that’s what mobile is about. You can interact more directly with customers, keeping them informed while responding quickly to their requests. 

Happier Employees: Your employees can be more satisfied, too. They’ll have the latest technology at their immediate disposal, and they’ll feel more empowered because of the immediacy of information and real-time communications. Plus, they can feel more confident by walking into meetings with slick tablets running all the apps needed to get things done – right then, right there.

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