Paper simply didn’t cut it for Orbitz, a leading travel booking website that exists to make travel easier and more efficient for customers around the world.

Even though Orbitz’s Global Vice President Peggy Bianco brought on Salesforce to bring organization into their substantial pool of customer sales data, something was still amiss.

With the implementation of Salesforce, Peggy hired Melissa VanDyke to maximize the efficiency and results that come with the cloud-based CRM platform.

As Salesforce Admin at Orbitz, Melissa specialized in turning CRM workflows into bona fide powerhouses for Sales teams to leverage to the hilt to turn efficiency and business growth into an art form.

Learning From CRM Experiences

At first glance, Melissa observed that the true potential of Salesforce had yet to be unleashed. Instead, the 250 sales professionals tapped into the CRM tool grappled with one too many familiar pain points:

  • Only using spreadsheets
  • Duplicate information

Not only were too many CRM ethers out of alignment, Orbitz hosted many offline disparate systems: Not every sales professional solely used Salesforce. Additionally, Melissa layered another personal pain point: Paper. In fact, all this while, she admitted to setting aside an entire working day to sift through hundreds of paper contracts for hotel clients.

How to Succeed with DocuSign for Salesforce

The ultimate moral of the story is that Digital and Cloud-based tools should make life easier; otherwise, they are simply another icon on our computer screens.

Through DocuSign for Salesforce, Melissa unlocked the true value of her cloud CRM solution. The value: Forget about printers, scanners, handwritten signatures, or data transcription. After all, none of those tasks belong in a fast-paced company devoted to bringing customers the very best in web travel deals.

Smart Automation – Melissa showed her teams that a standard contract agreement should automatically link to the Salesforce account. This way, the data could be used wisely without duplication concerns. It should start electronically and end electronically.


Incentives for Use – Sales teams should look to Salesforce as their go-to tool. To make Salesforce the center of their (sales) lives, Melissa highlighted the Reports feature in DocuSign for Salesforce. This way, teams could easily measure business success:

  • DocuSign for Salesforce crunched the success calculus based on selected metrics, such as quantity and timing of contracts sent and signed using DocuSign.

Ultimately, DocuSign for Salesforce empowered Melissa to improve the way sales teams used customer data and information. Not only does this promote happier employees, but it also sends success flares company-wide in recognition of the teams’ hard work. 

With tools like DocuSign for Salesforce, it’s time to make your work instantly highlight your successes to your company and customers.

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