Live webinars and Q&A for developers this month

Right now on our Developer Advocacy team, we’re looking for the best ways we can support developers on our platform in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t already checked out our DocuSign for Developers YouTube channel, this is a great time. We’re constantly adding short technical tutorials and how-tos on important topics and workflows, such as how to go live with your integration, how to create your integration key, and more. We select the topics for our videos based on the feedback and questions we receive from you, our developer community, via the hashtag DocuSignAPI on Stack Overflow and our GitHub page. So if there’s something you want to see demoed or explained, let us know!

We’re also offering a lot more live webinars this month and next to give all of you a chance to see new APIs we rolled out this year and see important API workflows demoed. All webinars are live and hosted by our Developer Advocacy team, developers on our core product teams, and our Developer Support team, so bring your questions! In addition to the webinars below, we will also be offering live webinars and Q&A sessions each week. Check out the schedule on our Developer Center.

To register, click the blue header link for each webinar below. Here’s what’s on tap:

April 29: New DocuSign Connect Webhook Features

DocuSign Connect includes a series of new features and capabilities to make developers' lives ever easier. New authentication mechanisms make it easier to set up your webhook listener. New data and the JSON data format mean you can ditch the old XML parsers and use the same objects as the DocuSign eSignature REST API.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Understand more about HMAC
  • Learn how to use the new JSON payload
  • Be able to add and remove the objects you need Connect to send

May 6: Protect your DocuSign eSignature deployment with DocuSign Monitor API

DocuSign Monitor is designed to help our customers protect their DocuSign instances from insider and outsider threats. Using advanced analytics, you will receive events and alerts about any anomalous behaviors around your users’ activities. This will give you the confidence to stay on top of what your users are doing and proactively deal with any security threats.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enable and configure DocuSign Monitor
  • Consume DocuSign Monitor events and alerts via the Monitor API
  • Integrate DocuSign Monitor with third-party application/SIEM systems such as Splunk

May 13: DocuSign Embedded Signing

Enable your customers, partners and employees to view and sign documents directly through your application or website.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Embedding the DocuSign signing ceremony into your application
  • Easily integrating DocuSign by programmatically controlling PowerForms
  • Pro tips for providing the best experience to your signers

Caly Heasman

Caly Heasman was a developer on DocuSign’s core sending experience for three years and now leads DocuSign’s Developer Advocacy group. She’s passionate about philosophy, languages coded and spoken, and creating a developer community wherever she goes. Want to host a DocuSign developer community meetup near you? Get in touch!

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