Did you know that there are now more than 40,000 registered developers on the DocuSign platform? That’s right, more and more developers are integrating the DocuSign eSignature API into their processes, and we’re thrilled that so many developers see value in our platform. The growth is significant at 50%+ YOY, and with the majority from outside the United States.

We’re also thrilled to announce the DocuSign API won two awards this year – Best Enterprise API at API World and the Devies Award at DeveloperWeek. While these are testament to the hard work our engineers put into our platform, it really speaks to how the developer community worldwide is innovating using the DocuSign API.

To all the 40K+ DocuSign developers out there, we THANK YOU! Your innovation continues to inspire us – and it’s having an exponential effect on successful DocuSign transactions. In fact, new apps which developers built in the last year increased successful transactions by a whopping 477%.

We also wanted to remind our entire community of the amazing developer tools and resources available – all of which are free!

Open Source SDKs

Checkout the DocuSign GitHub account which contains our SDKs and additional tools available in the following languages:

All our SDKs are open source (MIT license) and use Swagger-based technologies. You can point the SDKs to the sandbox environment while implementing and testing your integration, then enable your Integrator Key through the new automated API Go-Live process when you are ready.

API Explorer

Did you know we have an API explorer that lets you test any and every REST API call without writing any code? To use it, simply authenticate, select your request, add required and optional parameters, and click SEND REQUEST… it’s that easy!


Note: The API Explorer makes requests against the DocuSign Demo environment for testing (as opposed to the live system). For testing against the live system see our Postman Collection tool below.

API Documentation

Our API Docs help you discover, learn, and implement additional API requests through your integration. Get started here:


API Recipes

Our API Recipes (aka code walkthroughs) show you how to accomplish specific API workflows, enabling you to quickly add functionality to your app, such as Embedded Signing, Requesting Signatures, Webhooks, and much more. See all our API Recipes here:


Sample Loan App with Code

Have you seen the new LoanCo sample app? Written using our Node.js SDK. The LoanCo app shows three different use-cases, including features like embedded signing, custom branding, calculated fields, templates, and more. Additionally, you can see an explanation of what the code does behind-the-scenes for each API request, and download all the code from GitHub:


Postman Collection

Our Postman Collection enables you to quickly and easily test the DocuSign REST API against the environment of your choice. This is one of the most popular tools we released this past year: https://github.com/docusign/postman-esign-api-collection

API Go Live Process

We just released a new API Go-Live process that enables you to launch your integration in minutes or hours! Note that, similar to other platforms, we require the completion of a quick review process before your app is given production access.

As a reminder, you need the following to go live with your integration:

  • Integrator Key
  • 20+ Eligible Demo Transactions (sent through sandbox)
  • A Live DocuSign Account
  • Admin access to the live account

Free Support

In case you get stuck on anything or have questions, we have an active developer community on Stack Overflow. Our posts use the DocuSignAPI tag.

As always, the Developer Center is the central starting point for DocuSign developers.

Developer Zone at Momentum

Developers should plan to attend our Momentum conference from May 3-4, 2017 in San Francisco. You’ll learn more about developing with the DocuSign API and registration for developers is FREE. There are dozens of deep dive sessions on the DocuSign API, and a number of best practice sessions from customers and partners. Visit the DocuSign Momentum conference site and view the Developer Track Agenda.

Here are some additional resources to get you started with developing your DocuSign integrations: