Snowflake Computing, a San Mateo-based startup, used to rely on paper signatures for all their documents—a method that was both arduous and costly. Upon implementing DocuSign for Salesforce, Snowflake Computing experienced not just greater efficiency but reduced overhead and better organization. Jeff Balaguras, Director of Finance, explains just how DocuSign changed their processes from the ground up:

Relying on paper affected numerous areas of the company from HR, to finance, to legal. Yes, it was standard. Yes, it was the way things had always been done. But it simply wasn’t practical.

The Problem:

Snowflake used to rely on paper signatures for all our documents. Although we had started to scan and file signed documents to avoid the overhead of managing paper copies, that process was time consuming, not standardized, and fully manual.

The Solution:

This is where DocuSign for Salesforce came in: As we grew, the inefficiency of that manual process made it clear we needed a trusted, easy-to-use Digital Transaction Management platform and electronic signature solution that had enough range to work with our current CRM, Salesforce. We deployed DocuSign for Salesforce as our standard approach to routing, signing, and filing documents. Implementing DocuSign for Salesforce helped us eliminate the overhead of manually managing documents, standardize our signature and filing process, and integrate it with our other business systems.

The Results:

The benefits were numerous: we eliminated our overhead for routing, signing, and filing documents. This freed up time for our staff to work on additional projects. DocuSign also provided a centralized, standardized process for signing and filing documents. This ensured that copies of signed documents were not lost. We also automatically connected customer documents into our CRM system. This helped our customer-facing teams keep on top of key paperwork for every customer.

DocuSign allows us to route and manage key contracts and documents from anywhere. Regardless of where our employees and customers are, we can keep track of our documents and ensure they are completed in a timely manner. Simply put, DocuSign makes it easy for us to manage our documents so that we can ensure that they are finished, filed, and easy to find.

Today, we rely on DocuSign for Salesforce to support our everyday operations including HR, Finance and Legal. In a fast-moving company like Snowflake Computing, the convenience and efficiency of DocuSign allows us to focus on growing our business.

Want to hear more? Snowflake Computing will be at DocuSign’s booth (N1109) at Dreamforce on Friday, September 18th, from 9AM to 2PM.