Olivia Connors, Lead Corporate Sales Intern and senior at University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, gives a peek inside her role: From her day-to-day responsibilities, to her future goals, to team camaraderie and her favorite snack from the Docu-Kitchen, Connors dishes on what life is like as a DocuSign UP (University Program) intern.

Olivia Connors is on her way to work. It’s the early morning, and she hops on the Metro bus headed downtown. It’s an unmistakably Seattle summer: slightly warm, slightly overcast.

It’s not uncommon for Connors to run into one of her fellow interns on the Metro. Each morning, she and her colleagues grab coffee, head to the 17th floor, and after a brief hello, hunker down to work. The affectionately dubbed “Intern Den” is abuzz with people — some hunched over their desks typing, some on the phone, and some darting from cubicle to cubicle, sharing ideas.

Connors works primarily with the Market Development and Sales reps. A senior in the Foster School of Business, she is one of four DocuSign UP interns from the University of Washington — twelve in total. Her days consist of calling leads, sending out email campaigns, gathering prospects, and creating contacts. After beginning her internship this spring, Connors’ tenacity and drive quickly helped her earn the role of lead intern, where she uses her previous internship experience to help guide and coach her fellow interns.

Finding the Role

Speak with Connors for a few minutes and it’s clear she has the energy so crucial to Sales — but what helped open the door for her at DocuSign, specifically? For starters, Connors had a natural affinity for both sales and the tech sector. But it was also the enthusiasm of two of her classmates that led her in the direction of DocuSign: “I knew I wanted to get an internship and knew I wanted to do tech,” she says. “This winter I was in an advertising class and met two women who had participated in last year’s summer internship — including one who had stayed on with DocuSign.”

It was also the product itself that drew her to the company: “It’s a very modern product. I know it sounds corny — but we definitely help a lot of people in their daily lives. I feel good about reaching out to people because DocuSign is something I can stand behind.”

Not Your Typical Internship

When asked what people “think” she does, Connors responds: “There’s a lot of variety to what I do. I keep having to explain what a modern day internship is like in a corporate setting. My mom keeps asking me, ‘Do you get  paid?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah I go in and do office work. I feel like I matter.’”

Connors’ favorite project so far was when the interns were divided into teams of two – each under one former intern turned Sales Development Rep. The two teams competed against each other on who would get the most sales qualified leads in a three week period, and the winning team got lunch. “It made something that seemed like an individual process much more team-oriented.”

Mentorship is also an important component to the internship role. Each month, a DocuSign executive speaks to the DocuSign UP interns about their respective field. Sales interns are also exposed to a variety of technologies such as Salesforce, Eloqua, and Linkedin Sales Navigator: “One of my goals coming into this job was to learn how to use Salesforce better — and I’ve definitely achieved that goal through the help of mentors and peers.” While these tools are immediately relevant in Connors’ day-to-day work, the tools will also help her build her career once she moves beyond her internship.

“I’m glad I’m in the tech industry, am in Seattle, and am getting my foot in the door in a tangible company,” she says. “The whole startup culture is really exciting, and people are certainly eager to hear about DocuSign. If they do know the company, they want to learn more. If they don’t know DocuSign, they think the concept is very innovative.”

Advice to Aspiring DocuSign UP Interns

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Use Linkedin to reach out to family or friends who have worked here. DocuSign is a really great company — so know the history. Know what’s going on. Have a passion for the work– because that shows.”

“In my own day-to-day, I try to be as open-minded as possible. It’s really important to me to always listen to what others have to say. I try to be adaptable and to check in with everyone throughout the day to see how they are.”

Lastly, what is her advice on finding a meaningful career?

“People really matter to me. I’m in Sales because I really value relationships,” she says.

“When you tie your job to things that inspire you in other parts of your life, that’s when you’ll wind up with a career you really love.”

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