Introducing the DocuSign University Expertise Recognition Program

Start earning specialist badges to showcase your DocuSign Agreement Cloud knowledge and take your business—and career—to new heights. Are you ready to increase your DocuSign Agreement Cloud expertise with DocuSign University’s new expertise recognition program? Master individual products like DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign CLM or even conquer the entire DocuSign Agreement Cloud suite—you can earn a badge for many of our core products and even some integrations. 

By mastering skills and earning badges to share with your colleagues and community on social media, DocuSign users can show colleagues, employers, fellow DocuSign users, and others in the industry that they are truly an agreement pioneer.  

In February 2020, DocuSign is launching seven customer credential badges and two partner credentials backed by specialist and consultant exams. These exams are based on our most essential skills for both new and advanced users: 

Customer Specialist Badges* 2020**


  • DocuSign eSignature Administration Specialist 
  • DocuSign eSignature Template Specialist
  • DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Specialist  
  • DocuSign CLM Specialist 
  • DocuSign Guided Forms Specialist 
  • DocuSign Insight Specialist 
  • DocuSign Agreement Cloud Specialist 

Continuing to build new skills is also important to our partners. We’ve also designed several learning paths to support the development of our global partners delivering eSignature and CLM solutions. Getting a DocuSign seal of approval as an implementation consultant gives customers (you) the added confidence to deploy solutions faster, ensure high-quality work, and helps unlocks greater value.  

Implementation Partner Consultant Badges* 2020** 

  • eSignature Implementation Consultant
  • CLM Implementation Consultant

*Badges are currently only available in US Standard English

**New badges and courses are issued and/or updated annually

Transforming the way you learn DocuSign

The expertise recognition program is more than simply a way to distribute credentials. Learning is the foundation for the skills you need to grow your career and the accelerant for your business to continue to do more with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. When designing this program, we wanted to provide customers with a flexible learning experience that would allow any user to enjoy learning, take pride in their accomplishments and strive to become lifelong learners.   

That’s why we’ve designed a few different pathways to earn a badge. You can complete each training on your own timeline, following a self-paced learning plan for each product. You can also sharpen your skills with a deep dive course. You can even take a freestyle approach and do some combination of these learning paths; all will prepare you to take the specialist exam. 

Taking one of our deep dive courses is the quickest way to prepare for the specialist exam. These are engaging, instructor-led courses, available in-person or online, where you’ll learn alongside your peers under the guidance of a DocuSign product trainer. Because these are more intensive courses, you’ll leave the class with deep knowledge and expertise to ace the exam and accelerate your impact on the job.

If you prefer a more self-paced learning experience, that can be arranged as well. A lot of our curriculum materials are available on-demand and can be consumed on anyone’s schedule. Courses are designed for all skill levels, including basic introduction processes, such as Getting Started with Templates, and more advanced DocuSign skills, like AutoPlace Fields for eSignature. While this self-driven learning path will take longer to complete, it offers the flexibility to customize your own journey at your own pace. 

Whether you are new to DocuSign or a seasoned veteran, we have a specialist badge tailored to your skillset. Highlight your prowess and help your company pave the way—transforming the very foundation of how you do business agreements—by participating in this exciting new program.

For more information email the DocuSign University team to be notified when this program launches at or reach out to your account team directly.  

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