Today during his keynote, DocuSign’s CEO Keith Krach DocuSigned to go into space with Virgin Galactic, highlighting some of the incredible companies using DocuSign and the literal ‘out-of-this-world’ possibilities of digital transaction management.

“The great news is I’ve checked with Mike (DocuSign’s CFO) and I can put this on my expenses” Keith joked after DocuSigning the contract live on stage. “Imagine the waivers I’ll be DocuSigning next year before I go up there” he added. 

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Despite being a great way to demonstrate the staggering simplicity of digital transaction management, Keith’s presentation also highlighted yet another incredible organization using DocuSign. Virgin Galactic is a commercial spaceflight company, within Richard Branson's Virgin Group, offering everyday people (with $250,000 to spare) the chance to go on a suborbital spaceflights. Pretty slick.

To Infinity & Beyond

This year’s MOMENTUM has given DocuSign a launch pad to show the world how 100% digital businesses are really taking off. If you take a look at the video below you’ll see the growth of DocuSign’s global network since December 2004 all the way to January 2014. The stats speak for themselves and this video shows how DocuSign helps businesses expand their borders. This expansion is happening across states, countries, continents and now, even to space.