As MOMENTUM’16 rapidly approaches, we’re shining the spotlight on the innovative people and organizations that make our annual conference possible. Novatus is one such company. Below are their insights on how an automated contract management solution can positively impact your business: 

Are you a contracting professional bogged down by manual processes? Do your filing cabinets overflow with contracts that could be converted into organized, electronic files? Do your contracts seamlessly connect you with your vendors and customers, or have they been a point of contention and confusion? Do you have a tough time getting contracts signed?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then contracts are negatively impacting your business functions and a fully automated contract management solution is the only option.

Novatus, Inc. contract lifecycle management solutions are developed to support our clients’ overall business strategies and expedite the contract process. Our solution provides a web-based or on premise enterprise contract management system to request, create, approve, negotiate, execute, store, search, and report on every contract type.

In terms of feature and function, most contract management applications offer repository functions and the ability to manage the contract lifecycle. Many will offer contract generation, some baseline negotiation, and perhaps clause library support. Novatus, Inc. takes enterprise contract management a step further. We strive to be innovative by offering significant value-added capabilities such as the Supplier Portal (for supplier registration and online supplier interaction), a Negotiation Portal, DocuSign native integration, Sales Connect integration (request contracts and have full visibility of Novatus contracts from Salesforce), and complete Project Management capabilities.

Novatus’ DocuSign native integration offers clients a seamless electronic signature solution for an affordable and easy-to-use paperless contracting suite. DocuSign integration enables any document in the Novatus system to be securely and legally signed. According to one case study, closing cycle time was reduced from two days to one in 90% of cases and 71% were able to close within an hour with DocuSign implemented.

Want to learn more about how contracts affect and simplify business, establish visibility, increase compliance, and make processes more efficient with the Novatus contract lifecycle management solution? Drop us a line and we’d be happy to help:

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