By Leslie Meagley, VP of Marketing, Metajure

DocuSign and MetaJure share the same mission: using technology advancements to make our customers more productive and efficient. So, it was natural for MetaJure and DocuSign to team up.

Electronically signed documents are often the most important in a legal transaction. Last week MetaJure, developer of the first automated document management system (DMS) for lawyers, announced a new connector to DocuSign. Now, attorneys and their firms and organizations – can find their DocuSign documents at a moment’s notice, as well as locating and manage all of their emails and other data from one simple secure screen.

Valued for its user-friendly approach, MetaJure is a next generation automated document management system focused on giving lawyers immediate access to all of their intellectual property, regardless of whether their data is stored in emails, on their PC, in a central repository, or in a unique location. With immediate access, they not only save time and skip the hassle of traditional systems, but they can realize greater value from finding and sharing their work product and expertise.

When a law firm or legal department installs MetaJure and connects to their unique DocuSign storage location, MetaJure automatically indexes and scans all of the documents in their DocuSign repository. In addition to DocuSign, MetaJure automatically and securely stores, indexes and connects to dozens of other technologies used throughout the legal industry (i.e.: Worldox, iManage, Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, Office 365 and many more). Lawyers use MetaJure’s intuitive search relevancy algorithm modeled on their experience with Google to access all of their documents from a single screen and from any device.

Additionally, MetaJure automatically OCRs all image documents, such as DocuSign signed documents, making them fully text searchable and ensuring that they are included in every search.

A Typical MetaJure Search Screen with DocuSign Integration: Lawyers use MetaJure’s intuitive search relevancy algorithm to access all of their documents from a single screen and from any device.

For more information about DocuSign and MetaJure, check out our press release here.