Over the summer, we kicked off our intern program at DocuSign and hired approximately 70 sharp-minded college students and young professionals across a variety of departments — from sales to marketing to IT and more. Our goal was to step outside the traditional parameters of an internship program and offer a heightened level of hands-on learning and mentorship. We had the opportunity to sit down with Gabriel Pitasky, a sales development intern entering his senior year of college, to hear about his experience at DocuSign, his career ambitions, and more. Below is his story.   

Gabriel Pitasky  entered his senior year at the University of Colorado this fall. A political science major, he initially set out to study business — but seeing Joe Biden speak at a commencement speech for his brother’s graduation sparked an interest in politics. “I just really enjoy the classes,” he said. “The way they’re set up at Colorado University is very conversation-oriented — versus a lecture.”   

 This immersive learning experience was mirrored at his time during DocuSign: Growing up, Gabriel had people in his life who spoke about the importance of culture to any business. A Seattle native, he had reached out to people with connections in Seattle and had learned about the DocuSign culture. “I heard that there was an amazing culture at DocuSign and that it would be a great place to start a career. Not only did I grow up in the area — I wanted to be in the tech industry. Additionally, the culture here has really retained its startup feel.”   

Regarding his day-to-day routine at DocuSign, Gabriel said, “I developed a pretty organized daily structure that I really think has helped to be successful. In the mornings I had about an hour before I would start calling. I would go through the available leads and select 10-15 new leads that I hadn’t reached out to yet. When that first call hit at 8AM, I went to my previously called and accepted leads called them each once. I also spent a lot of time working with my mentor and taking meetings with managers.     

“My mentor was Nathan Puldy,” he continued. “Nathan I met on the very first day. He’s from Boulder so we got connected to work together because we’ve both spent time in Colorado. He was an amazing mentor to have in my first real corporate internship.” Nathan helped him learn day-to-day expectations — but more importantly, helped him develop as a salesman and create a career path. “We talked a lot about building brand,” Gabriel said.   

“The interns were given an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) quota for the Summer that was set for 15. I remember having a conversation with my mentor the very first week where we talked about setting a goal to double that quota, and reach 30 SQL’s. Initially I was skeptical of being able to double the quota because I had no previous experience in sales. Despite my skepticism, my mentor and I discussed different strategies to reach my goal, and I took the ground running with an excitement to put what I had learned into action. With a commitment to making the most dials each and every day, along with placing the utmost importance on time management, I was able to exceed my initial goal of 30 SQL’s and go over 500% of quota and hit 76 SQL’s in a 10 week span on the phones”.  

As he honed his skills at DocuSign, there were a few projects that were especially impactful for Gabriel. “My favorite project was actually the second week that I had been working here.   

Landon Bruno, an account executive, asked us to put together a promotional event that would occur in St. Louis. He had us create an invitation that would be sent out in the mail, and challenged us to get the mail sent out to 200 people in less than 48 hours.” Gabriel had the opportunity to create the physical invitation: “It was cool to bring a creative side to a job that’s very structured and a little less artistic,” he said. The project challenged the interns to do more than complete tasks — but to problem solve. “We had to ask ourselves questions such as, ‘How will we send them out? Will we have a website do it? How will we get these into the hands of our prospects and partners by Friday?’” Ultimately, Gabriel and his fellow interns were able to send out every single invitation on-time.  

Upon finishing his internship, Gabriel took the advice of his mentor into his final year of college. “He helped teach me make the most out of each day — and referenced this quote: ‘In the words of Winston Churchill: success consists of going to failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.’    

  It was a privilege to have Gabriel on-board as a summer intern, and we wish him continued success in his education and career. To learn more about becoming an intern at DocuSign, visit our careers page.