It’s that time of year again where DocuSign is set to embark on their biggest EMEA tour yet. The time of year where the leaders in Digital Transaction Management are leaving a paperless trail across the globe and invading a city near you. 
Kicking off the EMEA leg of the tour, we are stopping off in Scotland’s capital, the historic city of Edinburgh. DocuSign pulls the tour bus into the beautifully archaic Balmoral Hotel. This Scottish landmark will play host to the first event in the DocuSign Signature Tour 2014 where we’ll be inviting our guests to join the digital transformation and learn how our companies around the globe are accelerating results, saving money and delighting customers by going paperless with DocuSign. 
Next stop on the Signature Tour, DocuSign have their sights set on Manchester. For our second stop, we pull into the 5 star Lowry Hotel. As always, DocuSign will be taking the social media world by storm every step of the way and updating our followers on every city stop by use of the DocuBlog, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #DSTour14. So make sure you keep yourself updated with everything Signature Tour related via your usual social media forum.
For our final UK stop we arrive in the culture capital of the West, Bristol. Located just off the floating harbor, The M Shed museum will be our last UK host where we will be further discussing our paperless mission statement of removing fax and other dated paper-based forms of communication from the workplace and joining the digital revolution of eSignature technologies. We will look to enlighten our attendees with special guests providing us with information of the ever-increasing speed of the business world and how our customers are keeping with the pace. 
From Bristol we set sails overseas for Dubai, otherwise known as the City of Gold due to its rapid development. We are privileged to be bringing our DocuSign Signature Tour into the worlds first 7 star hotel, the very famous Burj Al Arab. This symbol of modern Dubai, commonly known as the world’s most luxurious hotel, is welcoming the first official Emirates DocuSign event. 
Dubai is the first stop where Ken Moyle, DocuSign’s Chief Policy Officer will be stopping by amongst many other EMEA tour dates from then on. Ken will be taking our Legal and Secure discussion where he will discuss the latest legality updates of the UK and how eSignature technology is etching its name in todays fast moving business world.  
As DocuSign’s former Chief Legal Officer (now Chief Policy Officer), Ken brings more than 20 years experience from both the courtroom and the boardroom and so is sure to be a standout speaker across the Signature Tour dates. It is a great time to hear from Ken, as we are currently entering a very exciting period of digital transaction where as part of the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020, a new regulation has been passed to establish a uniformed European legal framework whereby the same laws of digital signing apply internationally across the continent. 
From the Emirates to Johannesburg, DocuSign will be preparing to host our event and announce our presence for the first time in Africa. This exciting moment will take place in Johannesburg at the luxuriously elegant 54 On Bath hotel. 
It is currently a very exciting time in Africa with such a large mobile technology boom that is sweeping the 54-nation continent and has taken 1% of the population that owned a mobile phone to 56% in just over a decade. It is clear that Africa is one to watch in the technology space. DocuSign are very excited to engage with the South African market, which is being referred to by Accenture Mobility as a gateway to the rest of the continent in terms of mobile technology. 
Returning to Europe, the DocuSign tour bus pulls in to Paris where we are thrilled to welcome our special guest speaker, Béatrice Delmas-Linel. Béatrice has over twenty years' experience at the cutting edge of IT legal advice in both private practice and as in-house associate general counsel of Microsoft Corporation and is sure to inspire the business front runners of Paris. 
Capping off the EMEA DocuSign Signature tour, we head to Stockholm and finally bring the show to a close in Amsterdam at the charming Okura Hotel. For our largest DocuSign tour yet, we are very eager to get out on the road yet more excited to meet our customers and the business leaders of tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you soon!