The NFL Draft Day is this week! As a former college football player and crazy pro football fan, I’m proud to announce that DocuSign is working with the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) to bring the ease and power of electronic signature to all NFLPA members. Current and retired players — along with this year’s draftees — will receive a valuable new benefit:  complimentary, unlimited usage of DocuSign Professional Edition eSignature service for the next twelve months.

We’re looking forward to making it easy, fast, convenient, and secure for NFLPA members to sign the various documents a professional athlete’s hectic life requires: from endorsement agreements to a child’s permission slip. 

Given the fact that contract negotiation logistics recently made the news in the offseason (I can’t bear the thought of another player EVER being penalized because he didn’t have access to a fax machine!), it’s natural that NFL players may be looking for a better way to sign and return the many contracts in their lives quickly and securely anytime, anywhere – even on their mobile device — without any hassle.

The NFLPA is already using DocuSign internally, and is looking to expand its use across various groups. Using DocuSign, the NFLPA has eliminated the hassles and costs of processing the associated paperwork to create a better experience for agents and players alike.

Now, who do you think is going to be the first draft pick on Thursday? We look forward to seeing them ‘DocuSigning’ their contracts.