As you already know, DocuSign offers one of the most seamless and robust integrations available for Office 365, saving users quite some time by eliminating the need to print, scan and fax documents to get signatures.

We are excited to highlight the newest features from our latest releases of DocuSign for Outlook and DocuSign for Word. Now you can securely sign and get signatures from your favorite Office 365 apps – right from the devices you already use.

Below are the features included as a part of the following releases:

DocuSign for Outlook v5.1.2:

  • Adding support for Outlook 2016 for Mac*

DocuSign for Word v3.1.2: 

  • Adding support for Word for iPad

For detailed installation instructions, check out our DocuSign Quick Start Guides (Outlook/Word). And for more information, view our Fact Sheets on DocuSign for Outlook and DocuSign for Word.

O365 now available in all 13 languages. DocuSign users and administrators can select from 13 display languages. A new language selection menu is available in the footer of both DocuSign and the New Administration Experience.

* Sending Documents using the New Mail or Reply Window option is not available on the Mac. It is only available for the Windows and Online versions.